Netizen’s reflections on LP’s role in Acierto’s exposé & priests claiming death threats, a huge hit among FB netizens

President Duterte’s revelation that “Acierto is one of the cops involved in Korean Jee Ick Joo slay” has inspired a netizen to reflect if Acierto’s exposé is part of the political war waged by the opposition versus Duterte.

Popular social media blogger Krizette Laureta Chu has taken to Facebook calling Acierto’s exposé a tactic straight from the LP’s playbook.

Chu reckoned that if Acierto is one of the men of the Duterte’s enemies, it isn’t far-fetched that his bosses and colleagues were also involved in the Jee Ick Joo slay.

Chu believed Acierto is a mere pawn and wants to know who are the politicians pulling the strings.

Meanwhile, Chu is deeply hurt by how the critics paint Duterte as the bad guy because he happened to be a kumpare of Peter Lim, another alleged drug lord in hiding, by virtue of their common bond as wedding sponsors.

On one hand, some opposition senators have been spared from black propaganda despite getting millions from another alleged drug lord Kenneth Dong (Risa Hontiveros admitted this) and invited personally as wedding godmother.

On Pnoy leaving his batcave after hiding from the limelight for the last 3 years because of his many sins versus the Filipinos and then suddenly making noise versus Duterte, Chu couldn’t help but asked why the LP are so desperate to kick out Duterte from Malacanang?

Chu said that Acierto’s expose indirectly linking Duterte to illegal drugs via former consultant Yang, priests coming out with death threat stories and OtsoDiretso bets impending humiliating defeats in the May 2019 polls are typical tactics straight out LP playbook.

Chu clarified she has no proofs to link LP to it but she just want to ask questions, the same way these shady people unleashed by he opposition makes wild allegations versus the President.

Chu wrote she couldn’t help but compare the striking contrast between the Pnoy admin and the Duterte admin.

For example, Chu noted that under the Pnoy admin, no big drug busts were reported.

Chu also mentioned that during the Pnoy admin, no super major infrastructures were built but despite that, the Pnoy admin managed to incur loans or debt bigger than the GMA admin.

Lastly, Chu asked why there are trolls whose job is to keep recycling issues versus China? Why not talk about the Mahindra, canceled Belgian dredging contract, Yolanda funds and many other questions that needs to be answered and hold the guilty accountable?

Chu are disciple of the strategy that offense is the best defense because they keep charging, perhaps to keep the Duterte busy parrying the attacks of the opposition.

Chu said that what we are seeing is just the tip of a huge iceberg.

In hindsight, Chu wondered why the LP did not find any skeletons in Duterte’s closet when he had no power to sweep his criminal past under the rug and they had all the intelligence funds to dig up his connections with drug lords?

Why now when they could have used it versus Duterte when Roxas’ presidential bid needed a boost?

In other words, why LP seems to know a lot about Duterte’s alleged criminal past when they have no intelligence funds courtesy of the people’s taxes?

Chu ended the post by leaving a question for the public to ponder: “Sino sa tingin tingin nila ang niloloko nila?”

Check out Krizette’s full FB post below.

WAAAAAAAAIT. IMPORTANT. The President has said that Acierto is one of the cops involved in kidnapping and slay of Korean Jee Ick Joo inside Crame.

So if Acierto is one of the men na pakawala ng kalaban–are his bosses and colleagues also involved in the Jee Ick Joe slay? What other criminal activities are they involved in? And why do they have a BATTALION of criminal cops like Acierto and Lascanas (and plain criminals like Matobato) at their disposal to always have ‘drama’ during convenient times?

What is their business? Who are their main bosses? Who is running the show? What other criminal activities are they involved in, since inaamin nila selectively yung iba nilang krimen?

Sino pa ang ibang ex pulis ang may role na gaganapin?

Which politicians or politician backers are involved with the Chinese and Korean mafia, if any?

How are some of our senators involved with Kenneth Dong? Duterte was asked to be a sponsor in a wedding WITH Peter Lim, yes, but he didnt know Peter Lim. He didnt ask Peter Lim to be a fellow ninong.

Some politicians like the Godmother were ASKED by the alleged drug lord himself. Why is Baste Duterte not in the entourage if he was close to them like the Godmother–who has received campaign contributions from Kenneth Dong many times.

Why do they need to paint Duterte as the bad guy?

Why is Aquino suddenly noisy recently when he has tried to hide himself the past three years to avoid being in the spotlight because of his many sins against the Filipino?

Why are they so desperate to kick an old man out? Why are they SO DESPERATE and just cannot wait their turn like others have waited their turn? Is Aquino their last baraha?

I’m just asking. I have no proof. But like they always say when they accuse Duterte without proof, we have freedom to ask our questions.

Why the obsession, though?

Why are there so many unanswered questions that may not even be related to each other but then there are no coincidences in the world, are there?



WE HAVE NO SUPER MAJOR INFRASTRUCTURE BUILT DURING AQUINO TIME. Bakit ang laki laki ng utang under him (he had more utang than GMA, I believe), at anong ginawa niya with our taxes?

BAKIT MAY TROLLS PARA LANG I DIVERT ANG TOTOONG MGA TANONG? Bakit puro China ang issue? Bakit hindi yung mga Mahindra, yung mga Belgian deals na kailangan natin bayarin, yung Yolanda, at ibang TOTOONG TANONG na dapat may managot na.

BAKIT LAGING MAY ISSUE KAY DUTERTE? Para laging OFFENSE is the BEST DEFENSE? Para puro ilag ang administrasyon at hindi magka time mangalkal ng baho? GANON BA ANG PLANO?

Gusto kong malaman.

There’s a HUGE iceberg, and we’re only seeing the tip.

AT ANG PINAKAGUSTO KONG MALAMAN: Nung sila ang nasa kapangyarihan, at walang power si Duterte itago ang paging kriminal niya kung kriminal man siya, BAT HINDI NILA ITO NILABAS LALO NA NG PA TAOB NA SI MAR ROXAS?

Bakit may pabigay bigay pa sila ng award kay Duterte as Davao Mayor? May pa puri puri pa sila? Nagpakampanya pa?

BAKIT NGAYON NA WALA NA SILANG INTELLIGENCE FUND funded by our taxes, dun pa sila maraming alam kay Duterte?

Yung totoo. Dati may intelligence fund para ilabas ang baho ni Duterte, di nila ginawa. Ngayon na iniisa isa na silang mawawala sa puwesto, biglang ang dami nilang alam sa matanda?


As of this writing, Chu’s FB post has more than 8K shares, more than 8K reactions and 800 plus comments and growing.

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