New Robin Padilla TV ad exhorts fellow celebs to make a stand & support Duterte for the good of the country

The ad of a popular male celebrity coming out in the open to declare his support for the presidential bid of Mayor Duterte has been doing the rounds online.

Robin  Padilla supports Duterte Ad

Credits to Robin Padilla

In a video shared by the YouTube channel Filipino Dubs, the video of Robin Padilla confessing to the audience that he is endorsing the candidacy of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte free of charge.

In the video, the popular actor made the formal revelation (though it is not a secret among Duterte supporters) that he waived his talent fee to star in the video because he believed that if you are doing for the country, you should do it for free and change is not for sale.

In addition, the popular actor also stated that if Mayor Duterte himself is not accepting money, why would he?

The video ad was meant for the undecided voters who are still fence sitting.

The video was published on April 18, 2016; the video lasted only for 32 seconds or so.

The popular actor also asked his fellow celebrities who silently supporting Duterte, especially those who are hesitant to express their presidential preference to muster the courage and step out, show their support for Mayor Duterte for free.

Mr. Padilla said that if you are doing it for the good of the country, you do it for free.

The video came after the various controversial statements including the “rape joke” by Mayor Rodrigo Duterte that has been hounding him perhaps to soften the anticipated fallout from the controversy.

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