New twist in Kim Chiu’s story, Deputy speaker claims he was ‘real’ target of actress’ gun-for-hire assailants but netizens doubt it. Read why!

The FB blogger behind the page “The Political Labandera” or TPL for short reported back to her socmed followers the latest twist in the Kim Chiu “ambush” saga.

In a Facebook post, TPL announced, in a sarcastic tone, that Kim Chiu has found herself a knight in white shining armour claiming he was actually the target of the actress gun-for-hire assailants. TPL remarked Ms Chiu can now stand by on her ‘mistaken identity’ story. “OOOOOOY! Nakakita ng “Salvador Del Mundo” si Kim Chiu! May magaangkin na sa “Ambush Me” narrative nya. Galeng naman. How sweet. Feel talaga ni Cong cya ang target nung mga butalong gunmen, ano? And mapapakatawanan na ni Kim Chiu yung “mistaken identity” na sinabi nya sa IG post nya.”

BTW, Kim Chiu’s knight in white shining armor is allegedly a certain Rep. Oaminal.

But TPL has some questions to Rep. Oaminal to test his claim that he was supposedly the target of Kim Chiu’s assailants. “Still, I have a few questions for Rep. Oaminal. First, parehas ba sila ng make and model ng van ni Kim Chiu? Exactly the SAME ba mga vehicles nila? Kung hinde naman…🤔. Second question, anong stand ni Rep. Oaminal sa franchise renewal ng ABS-CBN? ‘Aye’ ba or ‘Nay’?”

TPL wished Cong. Oaminal luck in proving he was indeed the target. “Anyway, Good luck proving IKAW talaga pakay nung mga salarin, Cong. Oaminal!”

TPL alleged that Kim Chiu has yet to file a police blotter in QCPD regarding the “ambush”. “Btw, wala pa yatang blotter na inihain si Kim Chiu sa QCPD citing the ambush incident.”

Paano yan? 🍿” TPL asked.

Let us read how some netizens react to this latest twist.

One netizen remarked this only proves one thing – it was staged. “This only prove na moro-moro lang. Palabas. Meron bang ganun after a few days may aangkin ng pangyayari. Di po sya dapat ako ang papatayin ninyo. Abangan niyo uli ako. Tangina naman congressman di po kami tanga kayo lang.”

This netizen suspected that this has something to do with the rumored P25-50M changing hands. “We have a gut feeling that’s its about the Php 25M-50M money incentive. More of the list please. Hahaha.”

Another said he is not buying this. “I still don’t buy this new alibi… Kht s pirated De-Be-De hndi bebenta yan. 😂😂😂”

Meanwhile, this netizen said the new script does not add up because Kim Chiu’s career is in peril hence this new twist.. “May mali sa Script masisira si Kim Chu therefore may mag ke claim di ba? 😂🤣😂 old propaganda yung bago naman ! 🥴 “

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Source: The Political Labandera

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