New video quashes claim of Poe’s camp that the SSN in question is but a SIN

A new video attempts to quash the claim of Poe’s camp that the SSN in question is but a Student Identification Number (SIN).

Grace Poe SSN issue

Credits to Ayaw Ko Peo

In the article posted in GMA News, Poe’s spokesperson, Valenzuela City Mayor Rex Gatchalian, categorically denied the accusation made by the article published in the Daily Tribune claiming that Poe illegally obtained a SSN from a dead person and used it under her full name, Grace Poe Llamanzares.

Mayor Rex Gatchalian claimed that the SSN 005-003-1988 in question was actually the Student Identification Number of Senator Poe in Boston College.

The student ID number was issued to her by Boston College during her stint as a student there—in fact that number corresponds to her enrollment date into the college.

However, the Facebook Page Ayaw Ko Poe thinks otherwise and says this is hogwash. To prove it, they used a website to verify the alleged SSN is indeed a real SSN and not a mere SIN in Boston College.

To double check that the result is valid using the SIN as claimed by Grace Poe’s camp or the bogus SSN as claimed by critics, Ayaw Ko Poe Page used the legit SSN of Senator Grace Poe and as expected, the 538-25-2008 is legitimate.

By confirming the legitimacy of the second SSN of Sen. Grace Poe via the website, the Ayaw Ko Poe Page insinuates, that Poe’s camp is once again caught lying through their teeth.

In the second part of the video, Ayaw Ko Poe Page used a second website to search the person using the questionable SSN 005-003-1988 and guess what? Senator Grace Poe’s name appeared in three different variations.

We did a background check of Grace Poe's SSN at nakita namin na totoo talaga ang lumabas sa tribune – 2 ang SSN ni Grace at ang isa doon ay sa taong namatay na!Gamit ang: po ang 2 SSN ni Grace Poe Llamanzares005-03-1988 at 538-25-2008

Posted by Ayaw Ko Poe on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

What can you say about this development if indeed the allegation is proven to be true?


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