NO-EL 2022? Radio host says he does not support such move, instead he wants snap election. Read why!

While some supporters of the Opposition reacted with suspicion that the NO-EL 2022 is the brainchild of the Duterte admin to postpone the inevitable – the end of President Duterte’s term – a pro-Duterte radio host just shrugged off the allegation.

In a Facebook post, radio host Mark Lopez asked in a sarcastic tone who were people behind the NO-EL 2022 scenario?

‘Wait… Sino naman may pakana ng NO-EL sa 2022?’

‘Seriously?’ Lopez repeated his question.

Lopez remarked that if he can have his way, he wants the election to be he held asap.

‘Sa totoo lang, kung puede lang mag eleskyon na bukas, mas gugustuhin ko.’

Lopez went on to explain his reason behind the snap election by giving two reasons.

‘Kelangan mabura na mga dilawan na mga epal at mema lang…At sigurado ako, kahit anong black propaganda at totoong suppression ang gawin nila sa DDS eh we can really show our true power sa balota…I want an election if only to uphold the mandate of Duterte and his chosen successor.’

If that reasons were not enough, Lopez mentioned one more reason why supports a snap election, contrary to the NO-EL election being floated around.

‘And I want to rid of political scoundrels like Leni and her dilawan gang. It’s time for them to be erased from our political consciousness.’

Lopez reckoned the country will not forward unless the dilawans and the fake reds are still in power.

‘Hindi aasenso ang bansang ito hangga’t may dilaw at pekeng pula.’

Hence, Lopez reiterated why he is against the NO-EL 2022.

‘And gusto ko mag election because I want also fresh faces and a new kind of politics, lalu na sa Congress.’

‘Dapat mawala na yang Makabayad bloc,’ Lopez added.

Lopez also named names that he does not want to see no more in the next Congress.

‘And ibalik natin ang mga STATESMEN sa Senado. Tama na ang mga trapo at mga Kiko at Risa…Sa Senado dapat mga brilliant legal minds na may powerful oratory.’

At this juncture, Lopez floated the names of personalities he wants elected in the senate come 2022 election.

‘Teka, kelan ba mag retire si Chief Justice Diosdado Peralta? Parang bright prospect sya sa Senate para naman lumevel up.

Bet ko yan. And si Doc Willie Ong dapat maging senador na kundi yan magiging Health Secretary…Sino pa dapat sa Senate?

Sina Deputy Speaker Rodante Marcoleta pala and AnaKalusugan Partylist Cong. Mike Defensor.’

But here’s the downer for the supporters of the Cavite Congressman.

‘Si Cong Boying Remulla parang mas bagay as DILG Secretary…’

And finally, wrapped up the FB post by endorsing fellow bloggers for a government post, if President Duterte’s appointed successor wins the 2022 Presidential race.

‘Teka, huwag kalimutan ng incoming admin ang mga prospects natin sa cabinet ha, like MJ Quiambao Reyes as Minister of Defense, and Krizette Laureta Chu as Minister of Revenge Communications. And syempre si Atty Trixie Cruz-Angeles as Executive Secretary aka Little President…’

‘Aaaahhh basta, DAPAT MAY ELEKSYON!’ Lopez wrote.

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Source: Mark Lopez

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