No need to wait for 1 year ban, Marcos can get Cabinet post on July 1

In light of the decision of the Comelec to grant an extension to the filing of SOCE, President-elect Duterte can now appoint Marcos to a Cabinet post ASAP.

I know, I know! There is a law that prohibits a losing candidate to take a Cabinet post immediately. He or she can only accept a Cabinet post a year later.

However, if we invoke the line of reasoning of Comelec in granting an extension to the Liberal Party, Marcos need not worry about violating an election law.

This is the assertion made by Dr. Antonio Contreras after Comelec invoked the principle relative to the will of the people to that effect. Confused?

Well, let me direct your attention to the post of Dr. Contreras for you to understand his logic very clearly.

Now that we are in the season where the will of the people is greater than the law, then nothing should stop PDU30 from appointing Senator Marcos to a cabinet post and just simply disregard the law barring him from doing so. After all 14 million voted for BBM and 16 million for him and such appointment will be in accordance with the will of the people.

People should also not protest if PDU30 disregards the tenure of Chairs Tati Licuanan of CHED and Chito Gascon of CHR since these two are not elected officials and have only the law on their side but such would not be enough to match the 16 million who voted for the next president.

We have entered a very dangerous period and I blame COMELEC for being its hand-maiden. Now, the rule of law has been effectively undermined and the will of the people has now been prostituted and diminished to become no longer the cornerstone of democracy but as a lynchpin to destabilize it.

Karma will surely be when the COMELEC Commissioners will wail on their rights to their tenure in accordance with the rule of law, which they just compromised. They better hope and pray that the will of the people will be personified by PDU30 and his 16 million mandate (could be actually more if rumors are true), and not by the force of a lynch mob storming the gates of the Palacio del Gobernador.

Do you share Dr. Contreras’ view?

Source: Dr. Antonio Contreras



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