OFW denounces alleged “discrimination” at the hands of a lady guard at NAIA 1

An OFW decries the alleged discrimination she suffered from the hands of a lady security guard at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport just recently.

OFW accuses lady guard at NAIA for discrimination

Credits to Jenny Sebastian

According to the Bahrain-bound OFW named Jenny Sebastian, the alleged discrimination occurred on January 12, 2016 when she was allegedly told by the lady guard that ‘push carts’ are not allowed inside the airport terminal.

Ma’m bawal po ang pushcart sa loob.

The OFW could only react by saying, “Ah, Ok. Fine.” Being a good citizen, she unloaded her luggage from the pushcart to avoid any argument. Deep inside, the OFW could only wonder what is the purpose of a pushcart if is not allowed inside. “But what’s the purpose of push cart kung hindi nmn pwedeng madala ng pasahero sa loob right,” the OFW told Pinoy Trending News.

“So I left my push cart outside and while I’m walking w/ my luggage when I saw four people beside me going inside with a pushcart,” the OFW continued her narration to Pinoy Trending News.

At this juncture, the OFW could not help but solicit clarification in regard to the earlier rebuff she received from the lady guard “You told me pushcarts are not allowed inside, but why are those people (gesturing to the four people she mentioned earlier) were allowed to take their pushcarts inside the airport terminal?” asked the OFW. “Ah! Because they are senior citizens?” the OFW rattled off another question to elicit a sane reply from the lady guard.

Instead of offering a satisfactory justification, the lady guard’s reply pissed off the OFW. “No. They are policemen,” the lady guard allegedly told the OFW. “Tsk tsk tsk… Ohh really?! I’m pissed because of what the lady guard said,” the OFW told Pinoy Trending News. “Cops? So what if they are cops? They need special treatment? Seriously?” the OFW asked.

Frustrated with the alleged discriminatory gesture on the part of the lady guard at NAIA Terminal 1, the OFW wrote an open letter addressed to the NAIA Manager to voice her concern.


What is the difference between ordinary people and police officers?!!! Coz they’re govt. officials so they’re entitled to use the push cart?! Because they eat special food? What?! Please explain.. If your staff (lady guard) answered me… YES THEY’RE SENIOR CITIZENS, I will understand and accept her excuse because they need special attention and treatment. BUT BECAUSE OF HER EXCUSE!!!!… MY GOODNESS…. POLICE??! WHY???!! WAKE UP PILIPINAS ((AIRPORT STAFF) MASYADONG BULOK SISTEMA NYO!!! NAPAKA PANGIT NA NG REFLECTION SA BANSA NATIN DAHIL SA GANITONG KLASENG EMPLEYADONG MERON KAYO!! NA SANA LANG LUMABAN KAYO NG PATAS SA MGA TAONG NAGPAPASWELDO AT NAGPAPAKAIN SA MGA PAMILYA NYO!! MAGKARON KAYO NG MORAL AT CREDIBILITY BILANG TAO!!! SHAME ON YOU LADY GUARD!!! YOU’RE PATHETIC!! Nakuha mo pa talagang mag smile noh?!

The entire thing happened after the OFW exited the NAIA Terminal 1 to hand over to her daughter the things she unloaded from her luggage. Her luggage went over the allowable weight limit by three kilos.

She tried her best to persuade the staff of Gulf Air at the check-in counter but to no avail. The OFW told Pinoy Trending News that she requested to talk to the manager, but the Gulf Air staff told her she will get the same reply. After hearing the uncomforting words, the OFW gave up and decided to take out some of her stuff and hand it over to her daughter outside the NAIA Terminal 1.

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