Open letter blasting US-based magazine who awarded de Lima as one of “100 Global Thinkers of 2016” gone viral

Shame on you!

The phrase above summarizes the tone of the open letter written by popular blogger Sass Rogando Sasot that has been doing the rounds online.

The article was published at exactly 10:04 PM yesterday, December 13, 2014 and has gained more than 5,000 shares on Facebook after 8 hours it was posted.

According to the news, de Lima was conferred the honor as “100 Global Thinkers of 2016”  for standing up to an extremist leader.

The award conferred to de Lima made Duterte’s supporter furious!

Blogger Sass Rogando Sasot, a Duterte supporter, wrote an open letter after the naming of  Sen. Leila de Lima by the US-based magazine, “Foreign Policy”,  as one of the “100 Global Thinkers of 2016” became official.

You may read the full text of the post below:

Dear Foreign Policy,

Meet Herbert Colangco. He’s a drug lord, handling Triad Mindanao. Colangco runs his drug business while inside the national penitentiary. His gf is Nova Princess Parojinog, part of the narco-politics family running Ozamis City, dubbed as the shabu capital of Mindanao.

When Senator De Lima was the Secretary of Justice, Colangco was able to record an album, was able to have a concert inside the prison, and he won “New Male Recording Artist” award at the 6th Philippine Movie Press Club in 2014.

Yup, that’s the same Leila de Lima you awarded as 100 Global Thinkers of 2016. You honoured her for standing up to Duterte who is doing his best to dismantle the machinery of narco-politics in our country. That award only proves how out-of-touch you are to our reality. Shame on you!

Rumor has it that Fil-Am millionaire Loida Lewis was pulling the strings behind to make this possible.

Blogger Sass Sasot supports the allegation that Ms. Lewis made this all possible.

Netizens criticized Foreign Policy for conferring an award to an individual with a questionable character.

Grazey Lingao Vidal commented: Is Morality not part of the qualifications of this award?! A Foreign Award?! You don’t give an international award to a hardcore Mistress!!!

Marzo Catherine wrote: Credibility of the award giving body just went down the drain… if they only bothered to investigate deeper… kakasuka.

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