Open letter condemns Rappler, ABS-CBN, Inquirer and LP dilaws for the slanted news on Global Impunity Index report

When the Global Impunity Index was released recently and the Philippines came on top, the mainstream media wasted no time in using it to attack Duterte.

On Facebook, a sarcastic Rep. Gary Alejano thanked President Duterte for the distinction of catapulting the Philippines to the number 1 spot in the Global Impunity Index.

In case you are wondering what impunity means, let us consult Merriam Webster for the meaning.

Definition of impunity
:exemption or freedom from punishment, harm, or loss laws were flouted with impunity

But thanks to an unnamed Duterte supporter who spotted the injustice and informed the public that the report was collected in 2014 and “due to the nature and the procedure to report the information used to calculate the GII, there is a three-year gap between the publication year, 2017, and the most updated information, that for this edition corresponds to year 2014.” [Malou Tiquia]

When the deception of the mainstream media was discovered, Mark Lopez, social media blogger and a known Duterte supporter, took to Facebook condemning mainstream media and the LP politicians who tried fool the public by putting a spin to legitimate news in order to put Duterte in a bad light for their own political agenda.

Let us read Mark Lopezes open letter below giving the “dilaws” a tongue-lashing.


Dear Dilaws,

You really have not learned your lesson eh?

Until now, you have not realized that anything you rant and then highlight in terms of what a mess our country is in now, will simply go back to bite you?

Your attempt to arrogantly and conceitedly blame the current admin for problematic issues that you actually were responsible for, is so pathetic and so lame that you will always look and sound idiotic, no matter how righteous, moral and intelligent you are.

Take for instance this 2017 Global Impunity Index (GII) survey of countries, which seeks to quantify the impunity level worldwide and its effect on inequality, injustice and corruption.

The stupid you, thru your propagandists and hacks in mainstream media, have highlighted how our country topped this survey. All at once, ABS CBN, Inquirer, and Rappler all published the report, and made sure it slanted its storylines to put the onus on the president.

You want to tell the entire nation that because of Duterte, the Philippines is now the highest ranked country in the global impunity index.

But then, the 2017 GII was scrutinized, and it was found out the data used in the said survey report WERE FROM 2012-2014.

There was a 3 year gap in actual data gathering and survey publishing!

So what does it mean?

It means that the 2017 GII report you are ramming down our consciousness via your biased media actually is the impunity index score of your very own retarded AQUINO administration!!!

This is one clear manifestation of how you fuckers and your media cohorts try to manipulate and deceive us Filipinos.

This is how dirty you play.

True to form, your impunity is really sickening!

Pwe! 😡

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