Open Letter to Angel Locsin: Fix the law of your classroom

An open letter urging Kapamilya actress Angel Locsin to do something to save her beleaguered TV network via a radical solution circulates online.

In the open letter, international relations expert Sass Rogando Sasot of the FB Page For the Motherland – Sass Rogando Sasot sounded confident the actress’ socialist relatives will surely embrace the idea with open arms. “I think your socialist relatives will agree to these as well.”

Basically, Sasot offered Locsin a blueprint how she can save the Kapamilya network but requires her leadership to carry out the plan. First, Locsin must lead ABS-CBN employees and fellow artists to effect the takeover. Second, restructure ABS-CBN by flattening the hierarchy and by closing the wide divide between the workers salary, especially between the artists and the production workers.

1. Lead a worker’s takeover of ABS-CBN. Yes, this is the perfect time to make workers own the means of production. You are poised to do this given that you are exposed to the wisdom of socialism. Run ABS-CBN like how Mondragon, for example, is being run — managed by a workers’ cooperative. It’s time to revolutionize how media is run, and I think the closure of ABS-CBN is a window of opportunity for that revolutionary moment, especially that the Duterte Administration will likely tolerate you guys taking over ABS-CBN!!! Seize this moment!!!! When the takeover is done, apply for a franchise.

2. After the takeover, restructure ABS-CBN by flattening the hierarchy and by closing the wage gap between the workers. I think your socialist relatives will agree with me that the wage gap between Coco Martin, for example, and a cameraman in Probinsyano is IMMORAL AND EXPLOITATIVE. Coco reportedly earns 500K per taping day. How much does a cameraman of Probinsyano earn in a year? I bet way less than what Coco Martin earns in a day. Is that FAIR & ETHICAL? How can you stomach that HUGE income inequality in your network? Time to bridge that gap and that can only be done by an aggressive restructuring of ABS-CBN. The aim is to make sure that the gap between the salaries of ALL EMPLOYEES of ABS-CBN is very narrow. Redistribute the wealth of ABS-CBN from the Lopezes to those who worked really hard for that wealth to be generated — the artists, the talents, and most importantly the production staff!

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Source: For the Motherland Sass Rogando Sasot

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