Open letter to Gab Valenciano: Duterte- supporting Filipino people will put you in the den of Mental Hospital in Mandaluyong if LP tries to oust PRRD

Gab Valenciano, son of Gary V. is at the crosshairs of President Duterte after the younger Valenciano asked President to step down or they will do it for him on Twitter.

The younger Valenciano accused President Duterte of corruption, describing the government’s response to the covid-19 crisis “pure idiocy”. He said that putting own people at risk is disgusting more than stealing public money.

A Facebook netizen who goes by the name Ram MG Labra admonished Gab Valenciano for his impertinent tweet.

In a Facebook post, Labra retaliated by describing Gab Valenciano “pretty damned out of tune” not literally speaking but in human mind’s correct thinking.

Labra said Gab Valenciano’s behavior is “idiocy”, having an extremely stupid behavior. He went on to dissect Valenciano’s tweet line for line.

Labra challenged Gab Valenciano to present proof and evidences to back up his allegation of corruption against President Duterte. Labra said that as the accuser, the burden of proof lies on Valenciano. Otherwise, he is BUT A DISGUSTING NOISY CLANGING CYMBALS that ruined the melody.

Labra said he was not disappointed of Gab Valenciano’s tweet because there was nothing good coming from his mouth since the election campaign.

Labra ended the FB post by making a veiled threat, to send Gab Valenciano to the mental hospital if he make good of his threat to force President Duterte to step down.

To: Gabriel “Gab” Valenciano

Your father is a good Christian professional singer, and you as his son is pretty damned out of tune not in literal music but in the music that flows harmoniously in human mind’s correct thinking.

And you know, this behavior is what called it “idiocy”. You have an extremely stupid behavior! Let us make a little bit of dissection here.

Speaking of “corruption” as you said, is “idiocy” in the part of President Duterte and “one way of stealing our money”. When did the president steal the people’s money? I am challenging you to make a good exhibit of your proofs and evidences with veracity. You are accusing then it follows that you have your credibility with you and the burden of truth is in you OTHERWISE, let’s go back to music: YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A DISGUSTING NOISY CLANGING CYMBALS that ruined the melody. Then, “put your own people at risk”. Let us go back to music again moron! The title of the song by which all Filipino people refused to sing is COVID 19 PANDEMIC. Did the president welcome the virus to inflict his people? Did he help the carriers spread it for us to suffer? If not, then what is he doing?

Are you really in your mind as your face tells us that actually you are not! The president is risking his whole being just to protect his people from the pangs of death brought to us by COVID 19.

He is risking our national treasury, realigning the national budget just to have this pestilence stop. He is fighting 24/7 with his cabinet departments and his whole administration is virus undersigned.

In this war, the death of his committed servants in the frontlines, serves as sacrificial offerings just to save the lives of many. Nobody wants COVID 19, do you?

Now, I am not disappointed by your post simply because there is nothing good from you since then (remember campaign period?).

What’s this message of mine conveying is: Do the last part of your post, and we, the Duterte- supporting Filipino people will put you in the den of Mental Hospital in Mandaluyong upon seeing your own ruin of mind. Accept the challenge damned boy!

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Source: Ram MG Labra

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