Open letter to Liza Soberano hopes to get actress to abandon GABRIELA Youth following Jevellyn Cullamat’s de@th

An open letter addressed to Kapamilya actress Liza Soberano in the hope of of convincing the Kapamilya actress to change her mind about endorsing Gabriela Youth circulates online.

Radio host Mark Lopez, who is also a well-known Duterte supporter wrote the open letter amid the news of the death of the youngest daughter of Bayan Muna Representative Eufemia Cullamat, a lone casualty on the rebels side, when her group engaged the Special Forces soldiers in Surigao del Sur in a 45-minute firefight.

Lopez remarked that in case the Kapamilya actress is still brainwashed by her dumbass manager, he offered to give Soberano a breakdown of Gabriela Youth’s connection with the CPP NPA NDF.

Lopez mentioned Jevellyn Cullamat, the daughter of Bayan Muna Representative Eufemia Cullamat, to anchor his argument why Soberano needs to abandon her endorsement of Gabriela Youth. Otherwise, she will have blood in her hands when one of our youths ended up with the same fate as Cullamat’s daughter.

Lopez remarked that Jevellyn Cullamat was supposedly an activist representing the IPs (Indigenous People) but was killed during an armed encounter.

Lopez stated that Jevellyn was an NPA, the armed unit of the CPP NPA NDF terrorist organization.

Lopez added that the CPP NPA NDF have legal front groups, who are allegedly involved in the recruitment of NPA combatants.

One of the front groups of the CPP NPA NDF is BAYAN MUNA Party list.

Lopez said that Jevellyn is the youngest daughter of Rep. Eufemia Cullamat of BAYAN MUNA.

BAYAN MUNA is one of the 12 Party list that comprises the Makabayan Bloc in Congress, a coalition of front groups of CPP NPA NDF.

Aside from BAYAN MUNA, one of the members of the Makabayan Bloc is GABRIELA.

And GABRIELA is an organization which has a youth sector, the GABRIELA YOUTH.

Lopez reminded Soberano she was the guest speaker of a webinar hosted by GABRIELA YOUTH and also she allowed herself to be introduced as an advocate.

Lopez urged Soberano to imagine her influence being used by GABRIELA to reach out to her multitude of fans.

Lopez prodded Soberano to imagine her fans who will be recruited by the very group she endorses end up like Jevellyn Cullamat.

Lopez continued applying the guilt-trip tactic on Soberano, in the hope of influencing the actress to change her mind. Otherwise, she will end up with her conscience having to deal with the guilt of sending her fans to their de@ths.

You may read the open letter below now.

Dear Liza Soberano,
In case na hanggang ngayon eh brainwashed ka pa rin ng tarantado mong manager, eto ha i- breakdown ko sa iyo.
Si Jevellyn Cullamat, isang supposedly activist representing the Lumads, eh ayan at napatay sa isang ARMED ENCOUNTER.
Si Jevellyn ay isang NPA.
Ang NPA ay ang armed unit ng CPP-NPA-NDF terrorist organization
Ang CPP-NPA-NDF ay may mga front groups na syang nag re-recruit ng mga NPA combatants.
Isa sa front groups ng CPP-NPA-NDF ay ang BAYAN MUNA Party List.
Si Jevellyn ay bunsong anak ni Rep. Eufemia Cullamat ng BAYAN MUNA.
Ang BAYAN MUNA Party List ay kasama sa 12 PL na bumubuo sa Makabayan Bloc sa Kongreso, ang coalition ng mga front groups ng CPP-NPA-NDF.
Bukod sa BAYAN MUNA, isa rin sa kasama sa Makabayan Bloc ay ang GABRIELA.
Ang GABRIELA ay ang organization na merong youth sector, ang GABRIELA YOUTH.
At jan ka nag salita sa GABRIELA YOUTH, na hinayaan mong ipagmalaki ka bilang advocate nila.
So imagine now your influence being used by GABRIELA YOUTH to reach out to your multitude of fans?
And imagine your fans who will be recruited by the very group you endorsed will eventually end up like Jevellyn Cullamat.
And her life wasted in a senseless, lost cause.
Now, do you realize your role in all of these?
Do you really want to be an enabler of the NPA?
Wake up Liza. Hindi ganun ka simple yang ginawa mo na nagsalita ka lang about women and youth empowerment.
Oo nag inspire ka.
At the same time, ginamit ka as if you are a recruiter.
And I am telling you, blood is in your hands.
Whether you agree with it or not is beside the point.
Women and children are ending up dead.
Because of this menace to society called the CPP-NPA-NDF and all those associated with it.
Sadly, that now includes YOU.


Source: Mark Lopez

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