Open letter to UP community: “Pasanin na nga kayo ng estado, ganyan pa mga asta ng kamoteng student org nyo.”

Radio host and blogger Mark Lopez wrote an open letter addressed to the UP community with a humble request.

Lopez asked the UP community to thank the government and the military for taking care of the public rather than letting its student’s org to spread fake news and flaunt its stupidity.

Lopez’s open letter came in the heels of two embarrassing controversies involving two of UP’s Luzon campuses.

First, it was UPLB.

Remember the death threat incident allegedly against one of the student protesters for his anti-terror bill stance? Turned out, it was fake as far as Thinking Pinoy is concerned.

And just recently, UP Diliman.

It has been drawing flak online after a student organization posted the photo of Army trucks in the periphery of its campus, claiming the Army trucks arrived minutes before the announced assembly to protest peacefully versus the anti-terror bill and to demand for mass testing. However, the poster was forced to issue an erratum after netizens pointed out that the Army trucks were there to transport commuters in the absence of public transportation because NCR is still under GQ.

In light of this, radio host Mark Lopez took to Facebook to reach out to the UP community via an open letter.

In the said letter, Lopez expected nothing less than a thank you note to the government and the military from the UP community for taking care of our people rather than letting their campus org from spreading fake news and flaunting their stupidity.

Lopez explained that the military trucks and personnels were deployed in the periphery of the UP Diliman campus to serve the commuters in the area in the absence of public transportation.

Lopez added that during the ECQ, there was a coordination between the DOTr and the AFP to help stranded passengers.

Lopez withdrew his demand from the UP community to issue an apology because he might get a rude response like, “trabaho at responsibilidad ng gobyerno yan.”

Lopez said it is just fine if the UP community stops UP students from spreading stories to instill fear or confuse the public.

Lopez remarked that such rotten narrative was obviously lifted from Joma’s playbook.

Lopez told the UP community to get their acts together.

If that wasn’t enough, Lopez called the UP community a burden to the state and the behavior of their student org isn’t helping at all in changing public perception. “Pasanin na nga kayo ng estado, ganyan pa mga asta ng kamoteng student org nyo.

In other words, they are “salot” or a pest.

Check out the photos below from Mark Lopez.

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Source: Mark Lopez

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