Ozamiznon’s response to anonymous Parojinog kin who told Rappler Mayor Aldong was a strong anti-drug advocate

While Rappler have been churning out sympathetic articles painting the Parojinogs as victims of blood thirsty police, an Ozamiznon congratulates Digong for the success of the war on drugs.

Although, the netizen preferred to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal from the surviving Parojinog kin, it does not diminish her testimony as an Ozamiznon who have lived and witnessed the Parojinog’s stranglehold of the city for decades.

I’m from Ozamiz…Thanks to PNP CIDG

congratulations. thanks Tatay Digong for war on drugs. The Parojinogs lorded over Ozamiz as untocuhables by the hands of the law since time immemorial. So terrifying theirn names were then that even Ozamiz residents were hesitatnt to metion explicityly their names even as students studying as far as Central Visyas.

The dreaded Kuratong Baleleng , where Lacson was once charged of rubout, hailed from their truf…their reach was vast and deep it was reckoned they could give MILF a run for their money in gn fight.

I had seen Aldong cried on TV when Digong mentioned included in his list…and it was then I know their good ‘ole’ days were over.

Meanwhile on Twitter, people heaved a sigh of relief after the news of Mayor Parojinog’s death made it to Twittersphere.

Netizen with twitter handle ‘Queenoftheworld’ describe the passing of Mayor Parojinog as freedom day for the city of Ozamiz.

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