Pastor Quiboloy to Vice Ganda: ‘Bakit ka naiiyak ngayon at nalulungkot ka? Ngayon tanungin mo ang sarili mo.’

A video interposing the video clips of Vice Ganda and Pastor Quiboloy making commentaries after Congress unanimously voted not to grant ABS-CBN a franchise to broadcast circulates online.

The video was created by the FB page called Pilipinas Press and uploaded yesterday July 10, 2020.

The video opened with Vice-Ganda answering a question from a reporter? I guess, who sought his thoughts on the news that Congress just voted YES denying ABS-CBN’s application for a franchise yesterday.

The video was followed by Quiboloy, as if he was talking to Vice Ganda asking if Vice is sad because he can’t stop himself from crying because all their programs are gone.

Quiboloy remarked that Vice Ganda should remember that it was him who issued a dare, that he dared Pastor Quiboloy? ‘Hinahamon mo ako di ba?’

Pastor Quiboloy vividly remembered that Vice Ganda and company were very happy that day. They were laughing hard.

Pastor Quiboloy even remembered how hard one of Vice Ganda’s male co-host laughed on air that his palate was even visible to him on TV.

Going back to Vice Ganda, the Showtime show host said that ABS-CBN is very important to him, this is his life, life to to his audience, life to many Filipinos blah, blah.

Moving again to Pastor Quiboloy, he said God has its own justice. According to Pastor Quiboloy, perhaps Vice Ganda can fool other people, he can make fun of them, but God has nothing to them, that is why he got away with it. But God, Quiboloy said, was keeping tabs in silence because what he did was bullying. And then, Vice Ganda mocked Pastor Quiboloy in his show.

Pastor Quiboloy remarked that by now Vice Ganda should have realized that indeed Quiboloy’s God is a real God because all the challenges Vice Ganda issued to him were all seemed impossible.

Pastor Quiboloy went on to mimic Vice Ganda’s manner of speaking, in a mocking way, while making those challenges to Pastor Quiboloy.

For example, make traffic in EDSA go away and put an end to the very popular and ABS-CBN’s long time TV show ‘Ang Probinsyano’.

Pastor Quiboloy said that what Vice Ganda did was making prophecy.

Pastor Quiboloy continued that now that Vice Ganda’s TV program is dead, his TV network is gone and EDSA is clean, he should be happy because all his wishes or challenges were granted.

Pastor Quiboloy said to Vice Ganda, “Ngayon ako ang nagshow-showtime.”

The video showed Vice Ganda again telling the reporter that the service rendered by ABS-CBN was a huge part of the daily lives of Filipinos, a very huge part. Therefore this is about all of us. This is not just about ABS-CBN, not about their artists, but this is about to all Filipinos. And he believed it because all of them were there, during the rally in Mother Ignacia yesterday to show their support for the Kapamilya because it affects all Filipinos.

Pastor Quiboloy responded that ABS-CBN and Vice Ganda have this mistaken belief before that they are the most powerful in the Philippines.

Pastor Quiboloy remarked that when we say ABS-CBN, when we hear the word ABS-CBN, they acted like God, like they were telling us to move aside because we just arrived.

Pastor Quiboloy advised Vice Ganda that if God has given you a favor or something, like making you popular, making you wealthy, don’t mock your fellow men. Because they are also God’s creation, in his likeness. Make use of your popularity and wealth in doing good deeds.

Pastor Quiboloy wrapped up his message to Vice Ganda in a few sentences:

Ngayon umiiyak ka, noon humahalakhak ka. Tapos tawa kayo ng tawa. Eh ngayon, ang Diyos ang nagtatawa sa yo. Bakit ka naiiyak ngayon at nalulungkot ka? Ngayon tanungin mo ang sarili mo. Yun ang dahilan Vice.

You may watch the video below now.


PANOORIN: May mensahe si Pastor Apollo Quiboloy kay Vice Ganda dahil malungkot ngayon ang komedyante at TV host sa pagbasura ng prangkisa ng ABS-CBN.

Posted by Pilipinas Press on Friday, July 10, 2020

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