“Pathetic” — DOTr spokesperson Diyosa Libiran reacts to meme calling DOTr “Department of Traffic” courtesy of Yellow-identified FB page


This is how Diyosa Libiran, Assistant Secretary for Communications and Commuter Affairs of the DOTr described the latest attack by the FB page “Silent No More PH” and dismissed it as nothing but a reckless click baits that is begging for relevancy.

Libiran was particularly reacting to the recent FB post of the said dilawan page wherein it coined the “Department of Traffic” moniker to describe the DOTr. Please refer to the screen capture photo below to understand where DOTr spokesperson Diyosa Libiran’s outage was coming from.

In an open letter published this morning, 22 January 2020, Libiran clarified that the DOTr does not usually make “patol” of issues from fake accounts and trolls but being accused of being lazy while working doubly hard to deliver President Duterte’s promise of making the lives of all Filipinos comfortable, including them, but this time, the DOTr found it appropriate to respond by dousing reckless click baits with cold hard facts.

Libiran went on to recite for the nth time, the long list of projects already finished and ongoing projects under the inspired leadership of Sec. Art Tugade of the DOTr.

I urge you to read the original article below if you want to get updated of the projects successfully inaugurated in the first four years of the Duterte administration and the projects expected to be finished before PRRD steps down.

Libiran clarified that they (DOTr) doesn’t mid criticism, in fact they welcomed it but “Silent No More PH’s” latest attack was but tepid and vacuous attempt to seek attention at our expense, is nothing short of pathetic.

By the tine of her voice, Libiran was really annoyed by the unfair criticism received by the agency she represents despite the hard work they put in like timely updates of the initiatives and various projects of the agency only serve to betray the shallowness, and hollowness of your propaganda.

Libiran ended the open letter with an assurance that their weak attempt to attempt to disparage the DOTr will not discourage them to help attain the vision of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte in giving every Filipino a most comfortable life, including the critics.

An open letter to Silent No More PH

Dear SNPH,

We usually take the high road in addressing issues from fake accounts, or those who pretend to be brave, but hide under the veil of anonymity to escape accountability.

However, we got excited with your recent attack against us, and it only seem appropriate to respond, as there is no better way to answer reckless click baits that is begging for relevancy, than to douse it with cold hard facts.

Let us take your distorted narrative “kaya pala disidido silang (DOTr) i-maintain ang kawawang estado ng transportasyon sa bansa, lalo na sa Metro Manila,” as your assertion versus what we have done at the Department of Transportation (DOTr) since July 2016.

In the first three years of the Duterte administration, the DOTr was able to finish 119 airport projects, with 166 more ongoing.

These airport projects include building new gateways and rehabilitating existing ones, construction or extension of runways, rehabilitation or expansion of passenger terminal buildings, night-rating of airports, establishing air navigation systems, among others.

This year alone, several airport projects are set to be completed. These include the Bicol International Airport, which is now at 62.3% progress rate and is expected to be finished in July; the second Passenger Terminal Building of the Clark International Airport, which is already 93.3% complete and is also expected to be finished this July; and the Sangley Airport in Cavite, which successfully commenced operational dry-run in October last year and is now for inauguration.

The Lal-Lo International Airport, inaugurated in March 2018, now has an upgraded runway capable of handling bigger aircraft.

The Tacloban Airport’s expanded passenger terminal building was inaugurated in March 2018. Rehabilitation works for the Ormoc Airport have been completed in July 2019, after the airport was severely damaged by Super Typhoon Yolanda in 2013. The Puerto Princesa International Airport’s new passenger terminal building was completed in May 2017. The San Vicente Airport, also in Palawan, was inaugurated in May 2018.

Domestic airports also underwent improvements. These include the gateways in Camiguin, Virac, and Tuguegarao.

Aside from these promising airports, we also have other ongoing projects such as the rehabilitation of NAIA Terminal 2 of. One of the biggest airports in the world is also set to rise here in the country, the Bulacan International Airport, which is due for construction this year, and with a capacity of up to 200 million passengers per year.

For our pipeline projects under the Aviation and Airports sector, we have the unsolicited proposal of the NAIA Consortium to rehabilitate our main gateway, the NAIA. The proposal was approved by the NEDA, and is now up for Swiss challenge.

In the Railway sector, we are currently working on six projects with the ongoing construction and rehabilitation of one railway network.

First is the country’s first underground railway system, the Metro Manila Subway, which officially started construction with earthworks conducted on December 2019. Then we have the MRT-7 that will connect Quezon City and Bulacan. It is now 50.7% complete. We are also working 24/7 on a 13,700-square meter concourse area or a Common Station, which will interconnect the MRT-3, MRT-7 and LRT-1 lines and the Metro Manila Subway.

Last year, construction work has also started on the LRT-1 Cavite Extension, as well as PNR Clark Phase 1, which will connect Manila and Malolos, Bulacan. The LRT-2 East Extension is also on the final construction stage, and is expected to be finished by December this year.

Lastly, for our ongoing railway projects, we are carrying out the comprehensive rehabilitation of the MRT-3 to return the line to its original high-grade infrastructure condition.

For other projects in the pipeline, we have the LRT-2 West Extension, MRT-4, and Subic-Clark Cargo Railway Project.

In the Road sector, we have built and started operations of one landport, the Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange. And we will not stop from there. Two more land terminals will be built soon, namely the Taguig City Integrated Terminal Exchange and North Integrated Terminal Exchange.

For enhanced mobility in Metro Manila, other projects such as the Quezon Avenue BRT, EDSA and Makati-BGC Greenways, and the Passenger Transport Information and Management Center are also now in the pipeline.

Finally, in the Maritime sector, since July 2016, the DOTr and the Philippine Ports Authority have completed a total of 317 commercial and social/tourism port projects nationwide, with 250 more still ongoing.

These projects include the construction of the country’s biggest and most modern Passenger Terminal Building located in Cagayan de Oro.

But wait, there’s more.

You can deny these but we are most certain that even your kind are enjoying the operation of P2P buses that we have expanded; the enhanced services at our premier gateways and ports, including no more “tanim bala”, which the previous administration failed to solve diligently; the new PNR train cars which, for the first time, we have bought out of the budget, and not through loans or foreign grants; the massive improvement of the MRT-3 trains, operations and stations; and how we show our care and concern to our commuters, travelers, motorists and passengers with our own Malasakit Help initiative in all of our transport hubs and terminals.

As for your tirade regarding the Motrocycle Taxi Service Program and the Pilot Study we are currently undertaking, we wonder where the admins of your page were when motorcycles as public transport evolved from concept to reality to ubiquity. Did you ever call out the government back then, which largely ignored this issue, and allowed it to fester? Why try to be relevant now, just when the Duterte administration has confronted the issue head on, and took the necessary steps to address the problem, when you had every opportunity to be part of the solution early on?

You see, SNMH, we really don’t mind criticism, most especially constructive ones, but your tepid and vacuous attempt to seek attention at our expense, is nothing short of pathetic.

The thing is, you can accuse us of many things. But to assert inaction, neglect or apathy on our part while we endlessly, and tirelessly provide real time updates and progress reports on the various projects and initiatives, only serve to betray the shallowness, and hollowness of your propaganda.

As our final word, we assure you that your feeble attempt to disparage us will not deter our resolve to help attain the vision of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte in giving every Filipino a most comfortable life.

And that it includes you.

We remain,


#DOTrPH 🇵🇭

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