Patient 358 gives the most riveting and captivating detailed story of his battle with Covid-19 in viral FB post

As the title implies, Rogelio Bueno Jr. aka patient 358 gave the most engrossing and engaging blow-by-blow account of his battle with covid-19 in viral Facebook post.

While generally, we’ve been told in social media that many victims of covid-19 died alone, patient 358 has been lucky to fight covid-19 with his wife by his side.

Patient 358 recalled that he came to the point that he was about to give up the fight, his wife was there by his side telling him to fight because God has still a purpose for him.

Yes, what the wife did was very risky because the chances of her getting the virus from her husband, we are not in the position to judge them for their actions. For sure, the couple took precautionary measures to protect the other from the virus.

As of this writing, Rogelio Bueno Jr’s FB post has garnered 25,000+ shares, 76,071 reactions and 393 comments and counting.

BTW, patient 358 and his wife, based on the comment of his friends, are both physicians.

You may read the original FB post below.

Hi, I’m Rogelio Bueno Jr. and I am patient 358. As you already know from Joanna, my wife’s post, I contracted COVID-19 and this is my story.

My wife and I were in our condo. It started with a fever on a Tuesday, my temperature was 37.8 C. I just took paracetamol and slept it off. I woke up around late that night, bought kimchi because I haven’t had dinner yet and I want something spicy because it seems that I lost my sense of taste.

The following day, Wednesday morning, my temperature was 38.8 C, and I could not get out of bed. I also had slight difficulty of breathing but I attributed it to just to me wearing a surgical mask. I just slept until after lunch and then I decided to get checked at the hospital near us because I felt very weak. Joanna was telling me, “baka covid na yan.” I was in denial, “malakas katawan ko and ang taba ko, di ako tatablan nyan” was my response.

When we got there, the Emergency Room was packed. I had my blood tests and urinalysis done and was sent home with the diagnosis of Systemic Viral Illness. I called my mom who was in the province but will be coming home the next day. She told me to start with clarithromycin. Good thing that we still have leftover meds in our condo. Thursday, my symptoms got better, fever now was in 37.8-38.2C range and I was able to drive from Pasig to Las Pinas. When we got home, I went directly to our 3rd floor for isolation because I didn’t want my family to catch my sickness. I didn’t even get to see them and got mad with our youngest because she went up to see me. This time I was again having fever and the difficulty of breathing got worse where I could only talk in short sentences and then I would be breathless. I was started that night with Pip-Taz and Ceftriaxone and paracetamol IV.

The next day, I was feeling better. I was very hungry and I thought I was getting better. But that night, difficulty of breathing returned and it worsened. My mom decided to have me tested for blood works at a hospital. My C-reactive protein (inflammatory marker) was more than 10 times the normal value. Saturday morning, my mom brought me to the Emergency Room because my fever was not going down and I was having difficulty of breathing again, and this time, I could only give one word answers. At the ER, blood was again extracted to the point that I could not even feel the pain even after numerous needle insertions, even the ABG because all that matter was my breathing. It felt like I was drowning and was gasping for air even though I had oxygen via nasal cannula.

My comorbid conditions made matter worse, I am asthmatic, diabetic and hypertensive. My blood sugar was twice the normal and blood pressure went as high as 150/90.

Covid test was done and it was very painful – they insert one very long stick per nostril and one for the throat swab. That was the last time I saw mom. She, Ate and Butz had to take 14 days quarantine because they were exposed to me.

At the ward, my IV meds were Pip Tazo, Linezolid and Levofloxacin, all very strong antibiotics.

That night, I was very scared, thoughts were running in my mind, “Ambata pa ni Joanna para maging widow, mamamatay ako na di ko man lang na-enjoy buhay ko, sana may baby kame para at least my remembrance.” I was already giving up and was preparing myself for the worse, my wife was crying but she kept saying, “Laban, kaya mo yan!” She told me to pray together and just concentrate on getting better, telling me to repeat, “Gagaling ako, may purpose pa ako”. The next two days were very hard for me, still with difficulty of breathing but now I began to feel very hot because of the IV meds. I could not sleep because I could not breathe. I could not go to the CR, three steps and I would be breathless so I had to pee beside the bed in a bottle. I had to wake up Joanna to get the urinal or get me water at 2-3 am because that was when I felt the hottest. Blood sugar was taken four times a day, wherein I was given insulin if the value is above 140 before meals and 110 at night.

During my fourth hospital day, fever broke, and I was now able to go to the CR but I would still be breathless. My wife had to carry the IV stand, complete with infusion pump and numerous meds that it looked like a Christmas tree. Aside from the occasional difficulty of breathing and diarrhea (because of the meds), I was feeling better and positive. Negative thoughts were gone from my mind and I spent the the day praying, thanking God, asking protection for Joanna, promising to be a better person. I had 2 chest xrays with the same result – Progressing pneumonia, minimal pleural effusion.

On our 6th day, result came out – positive for covid 19. IV meds were discontinued and was shifted to oral chloroquine and azithromycin.

By day 7, two more chest xrays still showed progressing pneumonia but I was feeling 40-50% better. I was still having difficulty of breathing but I could hold my breath for 3-5 seconds during my breathing exercises. My blood sugar was already controlled so insulin and CBG monitoring was stopped.

Day 8, covid test was repeated where we had to wait for 4 more days.

Day 9-10, I could now go to 5-7 seconds holding my breath. Two more chest xrays were done, showing no change, still with pneumonia, pleural effusion but at least its not progressing anymore.

Day 11, I was feeling around 70-75% better, difficulty of breathing was less frequent. I could now go to the CR alone. I fixed my things and took first bath after 10 days. 😂

Day 12, result of Covid test came back negative. I could now remove nasal cannula for 3-5 hrs without difficulty of breathing.

Day 13, I could now last a day without 0xygen.

Day 14, we received the greatest news, I am asymptomatic, and for discharge.

Day 15 I went home, I could now hold my breath for 10 seconds. Upon arriving home,we left our slippers outside, took another bath, changed clothes. I did not even get to say hi to my family to limit exposure. I was still a little breathless going up the stairs and will have to do 14 more days of quarantine with my wife. I still have to finish 2 more days of chloroquine, but all in all Im just thankful to have survived Covid-19.

I just want to say thank you to God, for giving me the strength, and for protecting Joanna thru the 15 days we were in the hospital and for giving me another life. She does not have to be there but she stayed by my side.

To my wife, Joanna for not leaving my side and for being my rock. She is the strongest woman I know.

To Mom and Dad, for the love and support, for calling me to uplift my spirit and for the padala na food which made Joanna stronger.

To Ate Arbie and kuya Melot for being there for us, Butz and Tex for running our errands, Angel and Roge for calling every now and then, for showing us coochie and hershey.

To Mommy Bing and Daddy Rommel for their love and support, for meeting up with Butz and sending us our daily needs, to our Titas and cousins for the messages and support.

To my Felix and Calica family, for the love, prayers, support and tiktok videos which made the stay bearable.

To my doctors – Dr. Abad Santos, Dr. Wassmer and Dr. Delos Reyes for braving the Covid risk and did their rounds everyday! I salute you sir and mams!

To our nurses, medtechs, radtechs and staff for giving the best patient care, maraming salamat! To DOH and City Health officers for always checking up on me.

To my prayer warriors, you know who you are. Thank you very much. Now, Im just happy to be alive. I will take this opportunity to cherish my family and loved ones more, to be a better person and to live life to the fullest. Im patient 358 and I’m a COVID-19 survivor.

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Source: Rogelio Bueno Jr.

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