Penniless OFW in ICU inspires netizens to resurrect ‘Bayanihan’ spirit in virtual world

A penniless female OFW who is in critical condition in a Calgary hospital has moved netizens to resurrect the Bayanihan spirit with help from technology.

Jenilyn Soler Pabrua is the beneficiary of GoFundMe donation campaign after her work permit expired at the time when tragedy struck, rendering her ineligible for the Alberta Health Coverage. Worse, she doesn’t have any insurance.

According to the concerned citizen who posted this on Facebook, Jenilyn first complained of a minor but worsening headache.

After experiencing slight dizziness and the worsening headache, Jenilyn went for a check-up in a walk-in clinic named Associate clinic in Bower Mall in the morning of January 4, 2017 (9AM),

Jenilyn was given Advil 200mg for headache and Gravol for nausea.

By 4PM, Jenilyn was found unresponsive when asked, her eyes and mouth opened prompting them to call an ambulance.

After some test, it was discovered that Jenilyn was suffering from meningitis and showing a symptom requiring a brain scan.

The brain scan showed blood clots in Jenilyn’s brain.

When Jenilyn could not move the left side of her body, they phoned in a hospital in Calgary.

The 33-year old OFW was immediately airlifted to Calgary via an air ambulance and 30 minutes later, Jenilyn was wheeled in to the ICU.

In the ICU, Jenilyn showed no signs of improvement as the blood clot returned to her neck.

At the time the concerned netizen was writing the Facebook post, half of Jenilyn’s body is paralyzed.

In case you want to donate for Jenilyn’s hospital bills, you may visit the link here


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