Perjury|”Nag sorry ka nga pero nagsinungaling ka naman sa dahilan.” — Radio host to ABS-CBN President Carlo Katigbak

Radio host Mark Lopez believes ABS-CBN President Carlo Katigbak may have committed perjury when he testified under oath in the senate hearing.

In a Facebook post published recently, Lopez, as courtesy, recalled that the ABS-CBN Carlo Katigbak did apologize to President Duterte because of the issue of political advertisement in 2016. “Mawalang galang na po kay Mr Carlo Katigbak, CEO ng ABS CBN. Kayo po ay nag apologize kay Pangulong Duterte dahil sa issue ng political advertisement nung 2016.”

Lopez reminded Katigbak that his apology was now part of the senate records and made under oath. “Yung apology nyo eh kasama sa testimony nyo sa Senate hearing. So under oath po yan.”

Lopez said he noted some problem with Katigbak’s testimony. “May problem lang ako napansin.”

Lopez remarked he had issues with the justification of ABS-CBN in defending the non-airing of Duterte’s paid advertisement. “Parang kasinungalingan po yung justification nyo sa pagsabi na kaya hindi naipalabas ang paid advertisement ng Duterte camp, eh dahil po puno na yung slots nyo.”

Meanwhile, Katigbak admitted that they did show the anti-Duterte ad of Trillanes because the network did not want to be accused of being selective. “Tapos inamin nyo naman na pinalabas nyo yung Anti-Duterte political ad na kayo din mismo ang nagsabi na binayaran ni Antonio Trillanes. Ang sabi nyo naman, kelangan ipalabas dahil hindi kayo puede maging selective.”

Lopez said this alone, ABS-CBN has been caught lying through its teeth. “Jan pa lang sablay na.”

But Lopez remarked the quote from Katigbak was worse. “Eto mabigat, itong quote na galing sa iyo – ‘ABS CBN does NOT and will NOT have its own POLITICAL AGENDA.'”

At this juncture, Lopez asked Katigbak if it is necessary to lie about the real reason why Duterte’s political ads was not aired? “Mr. Katigbak, kelangan ho ba talaga maglokohan tayo sa dahilan ng hindi nyo pag air ng political ads ni Duterte?”

Lopez demanded the ABS-CBN President to release the minutes of the meeting to show how the management arrived with the decision, including the news and public affairs and integrated sales. “Bakit hindi nyo ho ilabas ang mga minutes of the meeting nyo kung pano na desisyunan yan ng management, kasama ang news and public affairs at ng integrated sales nyo?”

Lopez accused ABS-CBN of deliberate action not to show Duterte’s political ads. “Sinadya nyo po yan hindi ipalabas, at hindi dahil sa wala ng slot.”

Lopez said the truth of the matter, Duterte was not their bet and they did not want to help his campaign by airing those ads, especially at that time, Duterte’s popularity and candidacy was already getting a lot of traction and making a lot of noise. “Ang totoo, hindi nyo kasi candidate si Duterte at ayaw nyo makatulong sa kampanya nya by airing those ads, lalu na at nung mga panahon na yun ay lumalakas na at matunog na ang candidacy ni Duterte.”

Lopez said politics was the reason and Katigbak used ABS-CBN’s might as a media giant to slow down and weaken the surge of Duterte’s popularity. “Politika ang dahilan, at ginamit nyo ang kapangyarihan nyo as a media behemoth para bawasan at pahinain ang surge at paglakas ng pangalan ni Duterte.”

Lopez reiterated his call to release the advisory of management to sales, programming and news and public affairs to show Katigbak is anti-Duterte. Lopez asked if the evidence was already shredded or deleted? “Again, ilabas mo ung mga advisory ng management sa sales, programming at sa news and public affairs na anti Duterte kayo. O na shred nyo na? O na delete na?”

Lopez posed a what if question. “Pano kung may nagtabi ng kopya?”

Lopez asked Katigbak how will he defend his earlier statement that he had no political agenda but Lopez reckoned, the Trillanes’ ad was not even positive messaging. In fact, it was a direct black propaganda versus Duterte? “Tapos pano nyo pagtatanggol yang statement mo na wala kayong political agenda eh ung ad ni Trillanes hindi naman positive ang messaging bagkus direct black propaganda against Duterte?”

Lopez noted the huge difference between Trillanes’ ad and the ads of all candidates. “Malaki ang pagkakaiba nung Trillanes political ad sa mga ads ng lahat ng candidates. Kasi ung ad ng mga kandidato, puro patungkol sa sarili nila at sa mga plataporma nila. Bukod tanging kay Trillanes ang direktang paninira kay Duterte.”

Lopez reminded Katigbak that ABS-CBN was the only network who aired Trillanes’ ad knowing it was foul. “And yes Mr Katigbak, ABS CBN lang ang naglabas o nag air nyang Trillanes ad na yan! Walang ibang network ang naglakas loob dahil alam nila foul yang ad na yan.”

Lopez said too bad Duterte won despite ABS-CBN sabotaging it. “Malas nyo si Duterte nanalo. Despite your effort to undermine his candidacy.”

Lopez asked Katigbak to correct him if that was not a huge lie and made under oath that they aired Trillanes’ ad because they cannot be selective. “Ngayon, di ba malaking kasinungalingan yan na sabihin mo under oath na pinalabas lang yan dahil hindi kayo puede mamili.”

Lopez, like a broken record, asked ABS-CBN if they cannot be selective but they chose not to air Duterte’s ad because they had full slots? “Hindi kayo puede mamili pero ung kay Duterte pinili nyong huwag ilabas kasi puno na?”

Lopez informed Katigbak that instead of helping ABS-CBN’s cause, he just dig its hole deeper. “Kaya alam mo Mr Katigbak, palagay ko imbes na nakatulong ang iyong pahayag under oath, lalu mo lang binaon ang Kapamilya Network.”

Lopez was cognizant that Katigbak did apologize but he lied about his justification. “Nag sorry ka nga pero nagsinungaling ka naman sa dahilan.”

Lopez said that as far as he is concerned, lying under oath is a criminal act. “Ang alam ko, pag nagsinungaling ka under oath, criminal act yan.”


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Source: Mark Lopez

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