Perpetual rally leader Renato Reyes of BAYAN was missing in yesterday’s rally. Here’s why!

For Renato Reyes, rally is life!

He has been a permanent fixture in street protest, the official face, if you will, of anti-government rallies since I can remember.

As big as the September 21 anti-Marcos, anti-Martial law and anti-Duterte rally yesterday, Renato Reyes was conspicuously absent.

When some of Renato Reyes’ critics noticed this, they can’t help but used the #NasaanSiRenato in social media to look for the BAYAN leader.

Thanks to the Facebook page Real Talk, Discussions that Matters for quickly ending the search of Renato Reyes in social media.

You may read the post below.

Bakit Absent ang Perpetual Rally Leader ng BAYAN na si Renato Reyes sa Rally Kahapon? #NasaanSiRenato? ….Ang sagot ay nasa mga larawan ….Itong mga larawan ang nagpapatunay na nagpunta siya sa Headquarters ng ICC sa The Hague Neatherlands upang magsumite ng mga ebidensya on the allege crimes of Humanity against Pres.Duterte ..ALA Trillanes ang peg …Coincidence ba or sinadya ang pagpunta sa ICC on the anniversary of Martial Law to make it more “Meaningful “ and to create an impact to paint Duterte as a Dictator ?Pilipinas Kayo na po ang humusga ! #ProtectThePresident #PreservetheNation #DeclareRevGov👊🏼✌🏻🙏🏽

Check out the photos below.

In light of this revelation, netizens have different opinion on Renato Reyes’ overseas trip. Words like shameless, paid hack, traitor, pest etc. have been used by netizens to describe Reyes.

Sheril Kioena Rogher ang kapal talaga ng pagmumukha mo Renato Reyes pero Hindi habang buhay mananaig ang kasamaan niyo pinili ng Dios di pangulong duterte para gisingin ang taumbayan upang kilatasin kung sino ang mga tapat maglingkod sa taumbayan

Bebe Galula Cailing Cailing Daming kinita ang hudas pamasahi papunta doon Ang mahal ang piste walang ginawang mabuti sa pilipinas

MaVhic Castro Wow level up na international na👹 tumaas na sigurado ang talent fee nya 😛😝😜🤑

Rommsky Rig Tlagang pinondohan 😠 more lies n’ lies that nobody believes except those who do lies n’ are paid to do more deception as well 😤🤬

Nel Hexner Jalos Salots clearly live amongst us. Good thing there’s social media or else Traitors like rally king would just slide like without anybody knowing.

Arn Bagz NPA frontliners submitting sort of alleged accusations. They will not stop until their leader take over the presidency. These are the scambag’s of the country

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