PGH doctor sends strong message to critics like Sen. Pangilinan of Sister Fox deportation: “Magbasa muna ng batas bago dakdak ng dakdak!”

While the likes of Sen. Kiko Pangilinan and fellow opposition senators blame President Duterte for the fate of Australian missionary Sister Patricia Fox, a doctor from the UP PGH says its ex-President Noy and de Lima are to blame instead.

Tranquilino opened the FB post with a message to Sis Fox and read:

GOODBYE! Learn to follow the law wherever you are, being a nun who claims to be doing charity work in a foreign country does not exempt you.

Dr. Francisco Pascual Tranquilino of UP PGH Manila cited Bureau of Immigration Operations Order No. SBM 2015-025 signed on July 3, 2015 by then Immigration Chief Sigfried Mison and approved by DE LIMA when she was still Justice Secretary.

The BI order states:

Section 1. Foreign tourists in the Philippine are enjoined to observe the limitation on the exercise of their political rights during their stay in the Philippines. Foreign tourists are prohibited from engaging in any political activity as defined by law and jurisprudence, such as but not limited to, joining, supporting, contributing or involving themselves in whatever manner in any rally, assembly or gathering, whether for or against the government.

Section 2. Foreign tourists who violate the provision of this Circular shall be subject to deportation proceedings under Section 37(a)(7) of Commonwealth Act No. 613, as amended.

Tranquilino ended the FB post with a word of advice to Pangilinan and Duterte critics to read before yakking on social media.

At para naman sa mga taong dakdak lang nang dakdak tulad ni Pangilinan, magbasa ka muna ng batas dahil ipinapatupad lamang ang batas na nilagdaan ng kaalyado mong si De Lima.

Netizen Jo-Anne Yatco reposted the statement from Malacanang spokesman Atty. Salvador Panelo as a comment under the FB thread of Tranquilino.

We wish Sister Fox well in her travel and we thank her for whatever good deeds she has performed during her stay in the country. Such acts however cannot exempt her from the punishment imposed by law as a consequence of her wrongdoing. Dura lex sed lex. The law may be harsh but it is the law and obedience thereto excuses no one from compliance therewith.

Our advice to Sister Fox is to follow the law whether here or elsewhere. Otherwise, the law of cause and effect will operate against her, as it did in this particular instance.

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