Photos of 3 men slaughtering a dog surfaces online and angered netizens!

Earlier today, September 16, 2015 photos of three men slaughtering a dog by a netizen named Jervis Espejo surfaces online and attracted the attention of a handful of enraged citizens.

The photo uploader captioned it, “Katuwaan sa bday ko” while showing three men torching the dead animal using an acetylene torch.

3 men slaughtering a pet dog.

3 men slaughtering a pet dog.

Upon checking out the timeline of the person that supposedly uploaded the graphic photos, I have a hunch that the account was freshly created to get the attention of the netizens and eventually get “LIKES” for his Facebook Page. And lastly to promote a website which can be seen at the image below. Let me direct your attention to the screen cap I took from the netizen’s timeline.

Another theory is that the photo Uploader has a grudge with one of the persons that appeared in the photos to maligned them for reason we can only speculate. The reason being, is that only a fool would slaughter an animal and share it online for the world to see and their faces fully displayed. Many people know this is illegal and could put them into trouble with the Philippine laws specifically REPUBLIC ACT NO. 8485.

Dog cruelty

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