Pinay balikbayan chooses to believe that Filipinos are good hearted until this happened to her balikbayan boxes

A balikbayan from the United States refuses to believe the horror stories she heard about the Ninoy Aquino International Airport from the Filipino community in the US such as the ‘Laglag Bala’ and incidents of stolen personal belongings until she went home for a vacation just recently.

Maven Castillo, an OFW of 10 years in the United States has always been a believer that Filipinos are inherently good people. But that faith in her fellow Filipinos was shattered when she discovered upon claiming, three of her balikbayan boxes arrived with her in tatters.

In a report filed by Chino Gaston on QRT, the balikbayan said she was extremely disappointed that what she thought were simply a gossip from rumor mongers were indeed true!

To know more about the details, you may watch the video below now.

Who do you think are liable for the crime?


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