Pinoy-at-heart Londoner expresses support for Mocha Uson in open letter amid criticism from Robredo re: “Pep*ded*ralism” viral video

As always, the ever Ms. Comment VP Leni Robredo has something to say for Mocha Uson after the viral video of fellow blogger Drew Olivar failed to pass the standard of the opposition.

“People like them do not help President Duterte. If it was their intent to help, they have failed.” [PhilStar]

In other words, Robredo thinks Mocha has become a liability rather than an asset to Duterte.

Robredo’s harsh comments against Mocha Uson in light of the viral video of Drew Olivar has given the go-signal to her critics to hit her hard in behalf of the PCOO Asec.

Londoner Malcolm Conlan is a staunch Duterte supporter and a friend of Mocha Uson.

No wonder, he was particularly hurt by Robredo’s comment as per Manila Bulletin article saying that “people like Mocha are not helping the President.”

Conlan retorted if Mocha Uson isn’t helping the president which Conlan said is not true since that viral video has raised public’s awareness on the issue of federalism.

In same breath, Conlan hit Robredo by asking her if she has done something to help President which Conlan doubts and reminded her Robredo that she wasn’t free of gaffes either.

Conlan resurrected the issue of the viral photos wherein a smiling Robredo posed with LP colleagues in the memorial for the victims of Nazi atrocities in Germany.

In addition, Conlan also mentioned the video of Robredo to the United Nations telling tales and peddling fake news to the international community on her perception of the war on drugs in the Philippines.

Towards the end of his post, Conlan vouched for Mocha Uson saying that 1000% that she has probably done more and cared more for the Philippines and President than you will ever do.

Please read Conlan’s open letter below.

Vice President Leni Robredo,
Office of the Vice President of the Philippines,

Dear Ma’am Leni,

I am surprised that you have reportedly spoken out against Asec Mocha Uson via the media yesterday, Thursday 9th August, over her viral video supporting the move to Federalism in the Philippines. Especially when you and your cohorts are far from perfect yourself!!!

The fact remains that the video made by Drew and Mocha had opened the debate on Federalism wide open, regardless of people’s personal opinion of it.

However that is not what this letter is about.

I am writing to you as I was particularly struck by your comments reported in the Manila Bulletin where you apparently said of Asec Mocha and Drew Olivar “People like them are not helping President Duterte”.

Well Ma’am my question to you is, how are you helping President Duterte or indeed the nation as a whole???

You are not free of apparent gaffs yourself, cast your mind back to your posed photo outside the holocaust war memorial, where you and your team looked like you were on some kind of away day? Granted you apologised, but even so???

Wasn’t that disrespectful to the Filipino people and country, the very same thing you are wrongly accusing Mocha of???

Or how about your videos to the UN telling tales and broadcasting fake news to the international community on your perception of the war on drugs in the Philippines, do you think a person like you is helping President Duterte either?

I am also very sure that my fellow netizens would very easily be able to jog your memory on all the gaffes you and your cohorts made as well to add to my list???

By the way, Asec Mocha through the Mocha Uson blog is reaching out to over 5.7 million Filipinos and keeping them updated about what is really happening in the country, from the latest on the Dengvaxia scandal of the Liberal Party, to the fake news being forced down the throats of the country by the Yellows.

Maybe Asec Mocha had inadvertently shared the occasional post that she later deleted etc, but where she has, she had apologised already. The fact is, I can say 1000% that she has probably done more and cared more for the Philippines and President than you will ever do.

Thanks for your attention ma’am. I hope you reflect on my letter and don’t take offence, I am just exercising my right to freedom of speech. I hope you don’t chose to sue me either, which does seem to be an ongoing trend for you?

Best regards

Malcolm Conlan


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