PNP will investigate the activities of lady senator’s driver to satisfy public clamor

Due to rising public clamor, PNP Chief Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa said the lady senator’s driver will be investigated by the PNP as soon as possible.

The driver of the lady senator has been accused in public by President Duterte as the conduit between the drug lords in Bilibid Prisons and an unnamed public official.

However, President Duterte dropped a hint regarding the public official who was receiving drug money via the lady senator’s driver.

And here is a senator complaining. When one day I will tell you that her driver… who was also her lover, was the one also collecting money for her during the campaign.

Hours after President Duterte dropped the nuke bomb on the lady senator, netizens want nothing less but an investigation to back up President Duterte’s accusation.

In response, PNP Chief Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa assured the public that an investigation to be conducted by the PNP is in order.

To satisfy you, I will conduct my investigation.

In the video from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, PNP Chief dela Rosa faced the press to answer a few questions.

A lady reporter asked the PNP Chief if he has a case folder on the lady senator’s driver. The PNP Chief replied in the negative.

PNP Chief: Sa totoo, sa ngayon di kami nakikialam. Baka mamaya gagawin personal isyu yan against us. Eh haharap pa namin kami sa Senado. Mahirap na. Wala, wala di kami nakikialam diyan.

The lady reporter made a follow-up question to PNP Chief dela Rosa if they have in possession surveillance photos of the house or when the couple are together.

PNP Chief: Sa kanila siguro meron…sa amin wala.

Another reporter asked the PNP Chief of their role in intel gathering that emboldened the President to do the expose on the lady senator.

PNP Chief: Strictly wala. Wala.. Maraming source si Presidente. Kami focus kami sa mga criminals.

The lady reporter asked the PNP Chief on their next move if there is an order to do an investigation.

PNP Chief: Gagawin namin. Trabahi namin yan.

The lady reporter asked one last question to the PNP Chief if he will order the PNP IAS (Internal Affairs Service) to investigate the matter.

PNP Chief: Hindi naman sila subject sa IAS kasi hindi naman sila pulis, din naman sila PNP personnel. But anyway, to satisfy you, I will conduct my investigation.

Video courtesy of Philippine Daily Inquirer

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