Political analyst on “Province of China” tarp: “Malicious operation done by a group, to instigate and anger among Filipinos”

A tarp bearing the texts “Welcome to the Philippines, Province of China” has showed up in various locations in Metro Manila, to the shock and consternation of social media.

As of this writing, the culprits who pulled the stunt were not yet identified but Duterte supporters strongly suspects the opposition.

Political analyst Malou Tiquia explicitly accused the opposition group as the suspects behind the stunt.

Tiquia described the tarp stunt “malicious” and a “mockery” of Duterte and sensibilities of all Filipinos.

Tiquia alleged that the stunt is a lead up to the No-El (No Election) scenario since Duterte allegedly will be removed in October (remember the CPP-NPA announcement). Otherwise, Duterte will surely call for martial law.

Tiquia called out the opposition, describing them “reckless and no regard for country.”

Read full text below.

A malicious operation done by a group supposedly to instigate fire and anger among Filipinos.

Mocking Duterte and the sensibilities of all, ensuring noise reach high decibels for a grand march during SONA. All these lead up to a No El scenario since Duterte will be removed October. If not, “Duterte will surely call for Martial Law.”

This is the present day opposition. Reckless and no regard for country. And someone said, “Duterte destroyed the economy Aquino built.” Had to look hard at that person. Really hard…

Judging by the comments on Tiquia’s thread, social media agree with her astute observation.

La Salle professor Antonio Contreras led social media peeps in condemning the tarp stunt. [Link here]

“While I am critical of the President’s policy on China, I am even more critical of people who bring the level of discourse to this kind of public trolling that doesn’t intellectualize and address the issue in a mature way.”

Diego Fonacier

“Mga desperado, they’ll stop at nothing to get attention. They’re insulting people’s intelligence…pathetic cheap shot”

Jim Rubio “Ganyan din dati sabi ng matatanda!!! Ginulo para palabasin na marami na ang ayaw sa kasalukuyan adminitrasyon. Para mga investors mag back out. Bumagsak ang ekonomiya at isisi kay PDuterte. Kaya lang mulat na ang taong bayan sa ganyan strategy. Basta ayaw sa namumuno, igagawa ng istorya. Loida Lewis lang ang style!!!”

Mylene Basco-Tiamson

“Concerted effort talaga Ms. Malou, I think pati yung malalaking billboards ni Bong Go, na nakakalungkot na sineshare pa ni Ma’am Judy Taguiwalo. Kung nakatrabaho nila si Bong Go, alam nila na hindi nya gawain yung ganung kaepalan.”

Patrice D Ilagan

“Only from opposition gone insane can such a “streamer” come from.”

Val Fermin Alfonso

“Desperation at the expense of the whole nation. Stupidity!”

Meanwhile, a Filipino-Chinese says the chinese words were clearly written by a non-Chinese, but done using Google translate.

Wilson Lee Flores

“The Chinese words were ungrammatical, wrongly using Google Translate, so obvious this is black propaganda attempt to destabilize Philippine society and economy by creating hatreds, attempting to harm bilateral economic & diplomatic ties. This is insidious black propaganda attempt.”

Former SolGen Florin Hilbay is among the firsts in alerting the public of the presence of the mocking tarps.

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