Political Analyst produces unassailable proof of Leni Robredo, Loida Lewis US meeting in 2016

If Leni Robredo is not lying when she told the public she had not talked or met Loida Lewis since she assumed the VP post, I don’t know what this is!

Following the discovery of the email exchanges in YahooGroups among members of the Fil-Am community and a mixed of locals plotting the ouster of the incumbent president, Robredo went on a sabbatical for a few days and when she came out to make a statement denying her association with the YahooGroup and save her neck, she went to the extent of exaggerating that she had not met or talked to her election financier since assuming the VP position.

That was July 1 when she assumed the VP post, right? Robredo thought that this is the 80’s or 90’s wherein people have no means to crosscheck her statement.

On January 10, 2017, Dr. Antonio Contreras wrote on Facebook:

Sabi ni Leni Robredo, ni minsan daw hindi sila nagkita o nagkausap ni Loida Nicolas Lewis mula noong nanalo siyang Bise Presidente. E ano ang tawag mo dito?

Check out the PDF here for the unassailable proof that Leni Robredo has been lying about not meeting Loida Lewis in a long while, courtesy of Dr. Contreras.

If the link above is down, worry not since Showbiz Government uploaded the same document on Facebook by taking screen grabs of the same PDF showing Robredo and Lewis attend the same event.


Lydia Lewis acts as a panelist in the opening plenary session.  Robredo was invited as a keynote speaker of the same event.

In fact, Lewis, being one of the leaders of NAFFAA, a Fil-Am organization, sat down as the panelist during the opening plenary session wherein Consul-General de Leon conveyed the goals and aspirations of the Foreign Service post for NaFFAA entitled “Envisioning the Future of Filipino Americans through the Lens of our Shared History.”


Today, January 11, 2017,  Contreras wants Robredo to come clean and explain to the public why she lied about the meeting with Lewis in the NaFFAA  event held in Prussia, Philadephia on August 2016.

Good morning Leni Robredo. Can you please explain why you lied when you said you have not met nor talked to Loida Nicolas Lewis since after you assumed the post of VP?

In the meantime, let us just wait for Robredo to call for a press conference and hear her side.

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