Political analyst says there is a better alternative to “revolutionary government” and that is in the 2019 election to overhaul the system!

As the debate rages on in the social media, whether Duterte declaring a revolutionary government is good or bad for the country, a La Salle professor says there is something better than revgov.

And that, he said can be done in 2019. Why 2019? Because, the people will do this in the 2019 election, the old and tested way. However, we cannot do this unless we start electing people of integrity, of knowledge. Of people who shares a sentiment – that is to enable change.

Well, let us read the Facebook post of Contreras below to get his point.

There is an alternative to revgov or a palace coup. We call it the 2019 elections. We have always brandished the 82 percent that supports the President and his agenda of change. This is an enormous electoral base to overhaul the composition of half of the Senate, the House of Representatives and the local government officials.

We keep on complaining about our elected politicians, yet we keep on sending their kind back to their seats to inflict on us the same kind of corruption and political inertia.

It is about time to elect people of integrity, of knowledge. Of people who will enable change. Of people whose ability to serve is not based on looks or popularity, or the ability to rabble rouse and trash. Of people whose politics is located in their hearts and in their minds.

We boast of having 82 percent. Why take a short-cut. Use it to overhaul the system the democratic and constitutional way.

By the way, if you’d ask what do need for a revolutionary government?

Retired military official Abe Purugganan has explained recently in a Facebook post. It reads:

What do we expect from a revolutionary government:

1- To prepare the way for a federal-parliamentary system of government. It will abrogate the 1987 constitution.
2- To clean the nation of corruption before the new federal system and government are installed.
3- To get rid of private armies and political warlordism.
4- To purge criminal syndicates nationwide.
4- To restore sanity in our politics. One that is true for the service of the Filipino people and for nation building.
5- To remove all obstacles to peace, security, and progress.
6- To open up our economy and give equal opportunity to all, all for the best interest of the Filipino people and for the country.
7- To expedite the modernization of the AFP and the PNP.
All these are in preparation for the installation of the new federal system and government.

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