Political commentator takes a swipe at Senator Leila de Lima, supporters for crying “wrongful” imprisonment while silent about Ronnie Dayan!

While Senator Leila de Lima and her supporters are making a lot of noise in mainstream and social media against her detention, Ronnie Dayan has been largely forgotten.

Sass Rogando Sasot, political blogger and rabidly unsympathetic to the senator’s plight noted the same observation on Facebook.

Sasot wondered why De Lima and her supporters are silent on the plight of Ronnie Dayan.

Sasot wrote than in every statement of Senator Leila de Lima, and her supporters, which include international human rights organisations, none of them consider Ronnie Dayan’s arrest and imprisonment as “wrongful.”

Sasot recalled that Dayan was De Lima’s driver/bodyguard, with whom she had an an illicit affair.

Dayan allegedly served as De Lima’s bagman for the bribery given by the gangs running the illegal drug trafficking inside the national prison, which was under the authority of the department De Lima headed.

Sasot reckoned that if De Lima has been “wrongfully” imprisoned, this also applies to Dayan, who was mere accomplice of the Senator. Sadly, no one considers Dayan as a victim of human rights violation.

Thus, if De Lima was wrongfully imprisoned, then he must also be as he was just a mere accomplice of the Senator. YET no one considers him as a victim of human rights violation.

Sasot raised the contrasting social status of the two accused apparently to highlight the double standards in PH society.

Sasot asked once again why De Lima is silent about Dayan whom she had an illicit affair, used as her accomplice in illegal activity and in the end, the Senator threw him under the bus.

Dayan is poor. De Lima is rich, well-connected, and supported by a huge political machinery to do the lobbying for her. Why is she silent about Dayan? So she fucked this married man, allegedly used her as an accomplice in her illegal activity, and threw him under the bus.

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Source: For the Motherland -Sass Rogando Sasot

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