Political expert’s advice to Duterte: “Put them (destabilizers) in an isolated island to plant camote or confined to a mental asylum”

Can you guess what is President Duterte’s biggest problem? Fulfilling his election campaign promises like ending the illegal drug problem in 3-6 months?

Well, he has already admitted that he had underestimated the gravity of the illegal drug problem in the country and he can’t end it as quickly as he promised in the election campaign period.

Hirit na?

Okay, if you’d ask Jose Alejandrino, a keen political observer and former consultant to the Ramos government, he said Duterte’s biggest problem is the unrelenting destabilization efforts of his political foes, thus hindering change.

In the same breath, Alejandrino offered a solution to Duterte’s biggest problem. Do you want to know what? Please read the full post below.


What is President Duterte’s biggest problem? In my view, it is the continuous destabilization of the country by his enemies to hinder change. Since he took office over a year ago, they have not stopped in their efforts to dislodge him by exaggerated claims of EJKs, fake news by Opposition bloggers, by maligning him. They are giving a bad image abroad of our country, of a country that is in a political mess. Corrupt and broken institutions like CHR and the Ombudsman have joined the conspiracy to discredit the president.

Local mainstream media beholden to vested interests only write about the exaggerated bad things and not the good things the president has accomplished. The Senate kowtows to useless hearings by Opposition members aimed at discrediting the president and his family. The Opposition gives aid and comfort to terrorists and praises Joma Sison as a hero whose NPAs continue to ambush and kill our soldiers and police. Foreign investors read about our bad news and put on hold their investment plans for the Philippines.

I foresee the destabilization to continue. The LP, druglords, the corrupt, armed groups have come together against Duterte. They want the status quo. I had warned about such an unholy alliance happening in my previous postings.

I had also said Duterte’s enemies will do everything to bring down his popularity or at least show a semblance of a sharp drop. It doesn’t have to be true. It only needs to appear it is true for the consumption of the local public and foreign media. The latest SWS survey is an example. Immediately after it came out, Trillanes crowed Duterte was losing his popularity.

How does one put an end to this charade? I had said before, and I repeat it again, the only way is for the people to grant Duterte provisional extraordinary powers to clean up the rot and the mess. Without such powers, he cannot institute meaningful change. The most recent example is the CA turning down his Cabinet appointees.

By granting the president provisional extraordinary powers, these are a sword of Damocles hanging over the head of destabilizers. If they continue to misbehave, they can be put in an isolated island to plant camote or confined to a mental asylum. Believe me, it works.

By Jose Alejandrino

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