Political science grad Jun Avelino believed Grace Poe has “slaughtered” her own 2022 Presidential ambition on the issue of Emergency Powers.

In a 5069-word Facebook post, Avelino gave netizens an insight how the Poe’s camp is executing her plan for the upcoming 2022 Presidential election and part of their strategy is to give her an early edge over her rivals.

Political kibitzers are unanimous in saying that Poe will try her luck once again, despite badly losing in her first try in the 2016 Presidential election.

Avelino said Poe’s political posturing on various national issues is primarily designed to advance her Presidential ambition for the 2022 election. The plan is simple – Poe shows support the administration on its policies and programs then stand up against the Duterte government policies they deemed inimical to the Filipino people. In other words, Poe is projecting the image she is the only senator with yagballs among bayagless colleagues allied with Duterte.

Avelino remarked that Poe is simply imagining she has yagballs or the balls but in reality, she need political machinations to make the public buy that image, that she has what it takes to be a true leader, the heir to the Duterte’s throne.

Avelino bared that Poe tried to her prove her worth in the series of hearings on fake news where she gained substantial media mileage but, in the end, it blew up on her face after she was criticized for being perceived as siding with the purveyor of fake news. Avelino commented that the environment isn’t just there yet and continued to be elusive, notwithstanding Poe’s political grandstanding even picking up a fight on petty political issues vs the Duterte admin.

To add more woes to Poe’s dilemma is that she cannot just pick the national issues that caters to the masses to champion because somebody is already identified with it. For example, the issues of EJK, corruption and WPS are associated with the Liberal party. She cannot share it with the LP’s either because associating with the LP’s is political suic!de. You know the LP are the most cursed animals to ever walked on the earth’s surface.

Poe playing the moral compass is out of the question because critics will raise the issue of her smoking and alcohol drinking.

With two years left before the 2022 Presidential election, Avelino said that panic may have pushed Poe to find her niche in the universe of political issues the country is facing which she can project her imaginary yagballs swinging in between her legs.

Avelino revealed that Grace Poe’s camp thinks the issues on traffic is her “saving grace”, the perfect platform where she could project her imaginary yagballs and waltz her way to Malacanang in 2022. In other words, the government has been unwittingly the victim, the hostage of Poe’s political maneuverings via the emergency powers. Lol

And the camp of Poe will try to extract every ounce of media mileage to stay relevant in public consciousness.

Avelino commented that while Poe succeeded in catapulting herself into the limelight albeit a “quickie one”, it comes with adverse ramifications because the public perceived her actions as political grandstanding. In short, Poe’s actions has boomeranged, giving the Duterte government the upper hand after the dust settled down.

Why? Because Poe has proven that democracy is very much alive in the country, a complete opposite of the “Duterte the dictator” and the “Congress is a rubber stamp” narrative of the Opposition. Imagine Duterte dictator begging for an emergency powers from the Opposition? It simply doesn’t add up.

In addition, Poe has helped the government in projecting the image of the underdog institution. The saying “You don’t fight the powerful Capitol” doesn’t apply to the Duterte admin. This is evident in the request for emergency powers to solve traffic in the capital, the government looking helpless because Poe and the senate says it is not necessary to fix the traffic problem. As a result, public wrath has shifted to Poe and the Senate.

Avelino remarked the Poe’s strategy is amateurish and suicidal. She should have fired her political advisers for making her look like an idiot.

Avelino said Poe has gained nothing by blocking the request for emergency powers the Duterte government. The public sees it as power-tripping, a tantrum of a politician hungry for attention.  For as long as the traffic problem persists, the public will remember Poe as the “atribida”, the spoiler of the people’s wish of a traffic-free Metro Manila and PH.

Avelino said this will certainly put under the guillotine her Presidential ambition come 2022 elections.

Avelino reckoned that if Poe had exercised good statesmanship, she could have just immediately granted it and use it as a venue to show to the public her empathy and desire to ease the suffering of the Filipino people. That by granting the emergency powers goes with it her support for the people. And should the problems persist notwithstanding the grant thereof, she can use it as an issue to get back at the administration for its failure thorough Senate committee hearings again and lambaste the administration and then her political grandstanding would have been done with finesse and the people would have admired her.

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Source: Jun Avelino

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