Popular movie director explains why he still trust President Duterte 4 years into office

Well, President Duterte will be making his annual SONA (State of the Nation Address) on Monday, his 5th actually and critics are expected to make some noise, perhaps to dampen the mood of the Duterte supporters and the public in general, who are desperate to hear some good news in the midst of the pandemic.

In a Facebook post, veteran and well-known movie director Manuel Castaneda perfectly articulated the frame of mind of President Duterte’s critics as they prepare to meet tomorrow’s 5th SONA.

‘Duterte-haters are now sharpening their claws in preparation for the president’s SONA on Monday. They are determined to find flaws and faults, real or imagined, in the SONA. A few will provide rational, intelligent, and objective analysis worth taking into consideration. However, many will be like cheap inconsequential faggots, full of vindictiveness with only vile opinions to share, coupled with an illusion that they are being witty. This, I ignore.’

On one hand, Castaneda mentioned in passing how the DDS will react and he said this is just a natural reaction and refused to talk about it further.

‘Naturally, the DDS will be on the defensive. If the opponents are on the warpath, so are they. That is to be expected and there is no need to expound on this.’

Castaneda then shifted his focus on President Duterte’s speech tomorrow, and remarked he does not expect it to be different than the previous – hard to follow when he wanders away from his script and injects his brand of humor. He noted that President Duterte’s unpresidential style has opened himself to harsh criticism but that did not made the President change his style.

‘Chances are Duterte’s speech will be hard to follow especially when he shifts to stream of consciousness and peppers it with his own brand of humor. His “unpresidential” method of communication though candid, truthful and even entertaining always subjects himself to harsh criticisms. It has been like this since day 1 of his presidency and, for reasons only known to him, he has not made efforts to change his style.’

For this reason, the popular movie director confessed he does not give much importance to President’s SONA but he will still listen but not in earnest.

‘It is because of this that I don’t give too much importance to what he says. Nevertheless, I will still listen to the SONA but not in earnest.’

But wait! If you think, the popular movie director is having a change of heart and abandoning his support for President Duterte, you’re dead wrong.

‘For the longest time, my focus has been on what he does, a lot more than what he says. Admittedly, some of his actions were be very frustrating but there are several strokes of genius enough for me to continue to put my trust in him. As the saying goes; actions speak louder than words.’

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Source: Manuel Castaneda

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