Post exposes 3 more falsehoods in Edgar Matobato’s testimony that the media have overlooked!

A post exposing the flaws of Edgar Matobato’s testimony in the senate hearing on extra-judicial killings is making the rounds online.

Social media personality Sass Rogando Sasot pointed out the glaring errors of the testimonies of Leila de Lima’s star witness, Edgar Matobato on her latest Facebook post.

Ms. Sasot opened his Facebook post with a thought provoking question written in all caps for emphasis to her followers that reads:


She clarified that the inconsistency being referred to in Matobato’s testimony is not his educational attainment but these?

Please refer to the full text of the post below to get a good grasp of the matter.

First, the middle initial of Matobato is B, for Bernal. The middle initial of the Edgar Matobato in this service card is R.

Second, the birth year of the Edgar Matobato listed in this service card is 1961. If you were born in 1961, you must only be 55 yo this year. De Lima and Trillanes’ Matobato is now 57.

Here’s another lie of Edgar Matobato that should further expose him as another fraud.

If you look closely at the service record of Edgar Matobato, he was listed as a casual labor, not the macho gun-wielding agent working under the “Heinous Crimes Section” in Davao City which he claimed.

That’s all.

P.S. So baka nakalimutan rin ni Matobato ang Middle Initial niya at ang kanyang birth year? He was around 29 yo when this service card was made. Bata pa lang si Matobato failing memory na??

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Source: Sass Rogando Sasot


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