Post insinuating Gina Lopez of the ABS-CBN family is endorsing Dutere has gone viral

A post insinuating that a member of the influential Lopez clan of ABS-CBN is endorsing Mayor Duterte has been doing the rounds online.

Gina Lopez endorses Duterte 1

Credits to Ryan Pete Zamora

In a Facebook post shared 1701 times and counting, a netizen identified as Ryan Pete Zamora announced the alleged Duterte endorsement from a member of the Lopez clan, owner of the ABS-CBN TV network company.

In the post, Mr. Zamora narrated that Regina Paz L. Lopez (ABS-CBN Managing Director, ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc.) was invited as one of the speakers presenting about the ‘Critical Role of Business to Clean Our Air.

Towards the end of her presentation, wrote Zamora, was a video of Duterte saying, “Walang Pilipino na mai gusto sa mga ginagawa nila.” (on the wanton destruction of the environment by open pit mining). Rough translation: (No Filipinos like what they are doing.)

Gina Lopez allegedly endorsing Duterte

Credits to photo owner

Mr. Zamora wrote in his post that he started having a gut feeling that Ms.Gina Lopez is endorsing Duterte when the latter kept hammering the line that there is “need for our government to be strict in the implementation of our laws and where corruption is eradicated.”

Mr. Zamora’s hunch was validated at the end of Ms. Gina Lopezes is endorsing Mayor Duterte when she stressed this line that merited a thunderous applause from the audience.

Kelangan natin matapang, katulad ni Duterte. (We need a courageous candidate in the mold of Duterte.)

Mr. Zamora recalled approaching Ms. Gina Lopez after her presentation introducing himself as someone from TADECO of the Floirendos of Mindanao and she replied, “Mindanao is so beautiful. Vote for Duterte”.

The post has been receiving mixed reactions from netizens who found Ms. Gina Lopezes endorsement of Duterte encouraging and suspicious.

It can be recalled that the Duterte supporters have repeatedly accused Channel 2, TV Network giant owned by the ABS-CBN company of biased against Mayor Duterte for not reporting anything good about the Mayor of Davao City or highlighting only his cussing and kissing of women.

Regina Paz L. Lopez (ABS-CBN Managing Director, ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc.) is for DuterteI am here in Sofitel…

Posted by Ryan Pete Zamora on Monday, April 11, 2016

What can you say about this post? Do you believe that a member of the Lopez clan is endorsing Duterte?

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