Post refutes Poe’s claim she left a life of opulence in Pinas to a life of hardship in the US

A recent post by a website refutes Grace Poe’s claim in her campaign kick-off speech, that she too experienced hardships and even oppression in life.

In Senator Grace Poe’s previous speeches particularly during the campaign kick-off in Plaza Miranda, she said she went through a lot in life just like many ordinary folks, but the website Open Source Investigations believes otherwise.

Let me quote Open Source Investigations who said:

The truth is that Grace Poe’s life in America was not “a drama” at all. She has never been „oppressed” and „belittled”. She didn’t “become independent”. She didn’t have to work for money. Her life in the US was full of opulence and richness. Her home was a luxurious and exclusive residence.

In aid of supporting their assertion that Grace Poe’s life is far from the “full of drama” claim in her speech when she launched her presidential campaign, the website claimed they are in possession of the documentary proof to back it up.

OSI has documentary proof that Grace Poe’s home in the US was a million dollar mansion. It is a 322 square metre (3,468 square foot) house located in 2809 Winter Oaks Way, in Herndon, a town in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

Using the home address provided by Senator Grace Poe, the website made use of Google Earth to prove their point that that the former lived an opulent life in the US, in stark contrast of the Senators oft-repeated line when hitting the campaign trail.

According to sleuthing of the website, the house has 9 rooms, 2 stories with basement and an attached garage with 2 parking spaces. The lot size is about 1,000 square meters (9,916 sq.ft).

Meanwhile, allow me to react what Grace Poe said on her critics who doubts her loyalty to the country after giving up her Filipino citizenship in exchange for the US citizenship by quoting a French-Filipino who said:

I had a choice of choosing my father’s citizenship (French) rather than my mother’s (Filipino) when I was 18 y.o. I was born a Filipino, I chose to remain and lived a Filipino, and I shall die a Filipino.

I took liberty in sharing this remarkable post from the son of a good friend.Grace Poe has a lot to learn.

Posted by Antonio P. Contreras on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

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