Post reprimands netizens posting gloating remarks in the wake of Davao City bombing

A post reprimanding the netizens who are rejoicing instead of rallying behind the President in the wake of Davao bombing is making the rounds online.

Facebook user Dale Gozar expressed his sentiment on social media apparently after getting fed up with the unethical posts from Duterte critics.

It’s the start of Destabilization and the threat is REAL. The goal is to scare & divide our people by increasing insecurity: bombing, terrorism, assassination plot, local/foreign media attacks, etc.

Mr. Gozar warned that unless we rally behind the President in the midst of the bombing in Davao City, the cycle of division and political discord among Filipinos will persist.

Either we put aside our differences unite together to support PRRD or stay divided and just watch Filipinos destroy ourselves again? We’ve been divided and fighting for many of years which resulted to OLIGARCHY CONTROL, enslavement of our people (OFW), proliferation of illegal drugs, narco-politics, unemployment, poverty, etc.

If we do unite and support PRRD, Filipinos would stand a chance for Better and Safer Philippines.

Natutuwa Ang Mga Anti-DUTERTE sa PAGSABOG sa Davao?

Natutuwa Ang Mga Anti-DUTERTE sa PAGSABOG sa Davao?
Sabi nila sila ang DISENTE? Eh bakit ganito ang reaksyon nila?
Paki-SHARE po at nang malaman ng buong mundo ang ugali na mga ito!

Posted by News Info Manila on Friday, September 2, 2016

Meanwhile, a netizen’s post has earned the ire of social media after the former appeared to have gloated over the Davao tragedy. Please refer the pic below.

Fcebook user Jared Zane Xenos reprimanded the likes of Jean Nunez Ladra who have posted inflammatory comments on social media that further divides the country instead of uniting behind the President and the country.

When the terrorists attacked and killed civilians in France, all Filipinos posted in facebook, “Lets pray for Paris. The terrorist bombing in Turkey united the Fiipinos to post in fb,”Lets pray for Turkey.” But last night bombing in Davao City, I read many posts in facebook that says,” yan ba sabi nila safe ang Davao, o ano ngayon Dutertards sa nangyari sa Davao.” Some even mock and laugh and posted,” nya ha ha meron bombing sa Davao daming patay kala ko ba safe Davao.” These were shocking statements mostly coming from yellow supporters. Their hatred for Duterte and bitterness makes them what they are now…people blinded with hate that their is no more humanity in them but has become so evil they rejoice at the deaths of Dabawenyos just because they know that Davao City is the heart of Duterte. Anything that can hurt Duterte is their happiness. They condemned the alleged extra judicial killings but they are happy to know Davao City have been bombed. Now you know these yellow zombies are scums, they are so greedy they still want to hang on to power and their supporters are an army of greed, hate and hypocrites sometimes invoking their religions to insult and mock their enemies. I have list every inch of respect for them. Putang ina ninyo mga dilawang taeng supporters!

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Source: Dale Gozar



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