Post slams actress Mitch Valdez after claiming Pinoys experiencing racism in US in wake of Duterte outburst

A post slamming actress Mitch Valdez after claiming Pinoys experiencing racism in the US in wake of Duterte outburst against President Obama.

A Filipino actress-comedian claimed that Pinoys in the US are experiencing racism in the wake of the Duterte statement against US Pres. Obama.

Blogger Sass Rogando Sasot on her Facebook post blasted actress-comedian Mitch Valdez for her comment if ever the latter issued the statement.

Ms. Sasot told the actress that racism against Filipinos is old news.

She gave the actress a synopsis of the Philippine-American history starting in the early American occupation until the post-World War 2 era wherein the Philippines always get the short end of the stick.

Ms. Sasot lamented that despite the huge contribution of the Philippines to the USA’s rise as a global power, the “American masses remain oblivious to such historical and contemporary reality.”

Check out the full text of the post below.

May nagpadala sa akin ng statement ni Mitch Valdez about Filipinos experiencing racism daw as a result of Duterte’s statements calling out US atrocities.

Ms Valdez, racism against Filipinos committed by Americans have been there since the day they occupied our country in 1898! See photo of how The Boston Globe depicted Filipinos in 1899 to gain public support for its colonisation of the Philippines!

Don’t blame the racism Filipinos experience in the States on Duterte. The US has a deep seated race problem, and it’s not because of Duterte calling out US atrocities.

Kakaloka ka. Ano ba. Eto may maikling article para sayo:

“You see, Filipino banishment goes back to the fact that there was a Philippine-American War that lasted for 15 years and during which thousands – some say 1.4 million – Filipinos were killed by Americans, but yet such a war seems to be unacknowledged, hidden, and forgotten. Filipino marginalization goes back to the days of the manong generation, whose struggles in the farms of Hawaii, California, and Washington – as well as in the canneries of Alaska – continue to be unknown to many. It goes back to how the hard work and leadership of Larry Itliong, Philip Vera Cruz, and other Filipino farmworkers are overshadowed by the celebrity of Cesar Chavez. It goes back to how President Franklin Roosevelt pledged that Filipinos who fight for the United States during World War II would be granted citizenship and military benefits – so over 250,000 Filipinos heeded the call – but shortly after the war ended that promise was taken back with the Recission Act of 1946. It goes back to the many ways in which Filipino people have contributed to this country’s rise as a global power, but the American masses remain oblivious to such historical and contemporary reality.”

In fairness to the comedian-actress, there is no proof that she ever made the claim.

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Source: Sass Rogando Sasot



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