Pres. Duterte loses cool after Hontiveros called killings of two young student as state policy: “Napakaboba naman nya!”

A male reporter sought the opinion of Pres. Duterte regarding PNP Chief dela Rosa who broke down in tears during the senate hearing on the killings of two young men allegedly by policemen.

PRRD loses his cool and  lashes at Hontiveros and company for using the killings attributed to policemen as an opportunity  to pounce at the Duterte admin while staying silent on killings attributed to drug-crazed addicts.

In anger, Duterte called Hontiveros’ crying at the news of Kian delos Santos’ death as “pretended grief or hypocrisy”!

“Sa pagdinig po sa senado, di na po nakatiis si PNP Chief Bato dela Rosa na maging emosyonal po ano at sya ay napaiyak. Hindi po ito unang pagkakataon, Mr. President. Sa tingin nyo po ba nakakarandam na po ba talaga ng matinding pressure, ang?”

Duterte: No. I think he’s hurt that yung policy na itong pangalawang patay. Do you think two killings even if its illegal would make a policy? Dalawang patay, palagay na lang natin, pinatay…murder, I asked Hontiveros: Is this a policy? Is that baseline of a policy? Napakabobo naman nya. Kaya umiyak ang tao, it’s an insult na sabihin its a policy of the police to kill. There are so many criminal minds even in the Liberal Party. Sila ang mya record ng plunder at also killing. You make a comparison. Yung sa kanila yung killings noon, wala di pa lang. Wala ang pulis noon takot. Even the drugs. They are silent. So when I became President, sinabiko sa Filipino, this is how widespread the drug problem is. Wla man silang sinabi. Bakit nung may limang pinatay sa Bulacan, pinatay yung 1 year old na bata, pinakaalaman ma nya. Wla, I did not hear hear cried. Or even complaining the police are not doing enough. Tapos, they pick up, politika. And they crazily into it. Even before the assignment, may assignment na yan sila. She was assigned with the group. I would not name names. But nakuha ko yung conversations nila.

Male reporter to Duterte:  “Sir dapat ba demoralized ang ating pambansang pulisya kasi…”

Duterte cut off the reporter and shot back.

“Hindi demoralized. The police are never demoralized. Our military will never be demoralized as long as I am here. Basta sinabi ko in the performance of duty. Means to say if your life is in danger, you have to save yourself. Now if they have committed in excess of that duty, then they should go to jail. You ask two killings and you say its a policy? It’s a silly question. Why did you not just say, what is the policy of the police when confronting? Ang problema sa inyo yung pinapakialaman nyo ang patayan, yung magamit ninyo sa politika. For example, trying to get the cadaver of Kian to parade it EDSA. Yan ang politikang barrio. Ang namatay wlang man lang statement noon sa, kawawa naman pati yung bata na 1 year old.”

Next Duterte turned his frustrations towards the media for obvious reasons.

“Try to balance here. Yung news na may mali, mali talaga. Pero two lousy criminal brains of a policeman or a policewoman, does not make of a policy. Ha? Paekek na salita. Tapos yung ilang inosente namatay dito, mga bata ni-rape, I have not heard Hontiveros crying to the heavens and say, “My God, what is happening to the innocent people?” The next time somebody found a cadaver there, tanungin muna, sino ito? Di ko sabihin yan ang pulis na gago. Kasi yung mga pulis na nasa droga, di ko kayo palulusutin. Anak ng ___..Kayo ang mauna. Namimili ba ako ng sinasabihan ko niyan? Ano ba ang problema niya? Droga? Mayors. Barangay captains. Oh, bakit ayaw nya umiyak? Masyadong maarte. That’s a pretended grief.

Duterte called out someone from audience whom he caught shaking his or her head and asked if he or she cannot understand the word pretended grief. Duterte then used the word ‘hypocrisy’ to describe the grieving Hontiveros while talking about the death of Kian delos Santos in front of the camera.

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