Presidents Trump & Duterte have this, critics don’t. Otherwise, the US & PH would have already went to war. Guess what the 2 leaders share in common?

Guess what sets Presidents Donald Trump and Rodrigo Duterte apart from their critics that saved the US and PH from a disastrous war versus Iran and China respectively?

This attribute says the political expert Jose Alejandrino is something that the local opposition don’t have.

Giving up already?

Well, according to political expert Jose Alejandrino, Pres. Trump and Pres. Duterte have common sense. If not, the US and the Philippines would have been drawn to a disastrous wars that both Presidents could not afford at this time.

Good thing, the two leaders did not use their emotions to cloud their judgment and let reason to prevail.

This attribute, Alejandrino remarked, is absent among the local opposition camp.

You may start reading Jose Alejandrino’s full FB post now.

COMMON SENSE by Jose Alejandrino

When Iran shot down a US drone, the hawks in Washington wanted Trump to retaliate with military strikes. At first, Trump agreed and ordered a military strike but upon reflection called it off. No American was killed by a US drone being shot down. A military strike on Iran could cause a major conflagration in the Middle East, raise oil prices possibly to $300 a barrel which could collapse the world economy, risk a nuclear war with Russia and cause millions of deaths by such a war. All that because of a pilotless US drone that was shot down? Trump decided there were other ways short of a military strike. Americans were being drawn to a much bigger catastrophe because of emotional outbursts promoted by hawks.

In the Philippines, when a local fishing boat was rammed by a Chinese boat where no Filipino fisherman was hurt or killed and which could have been an accident, our hawks, too, drummed up emotional anti-Chinese hysteria. They called for a strong response against Beijing knowing that militarily we were no match to risk a confrontation with China which is a nuclear power with armed forces much bigger than ours. Duterte preferred a diplomatic solution than risk such an open confrontation by invoking the PH-US Mutual Defense Treaty as a hawkish Ping Lacson advocated, a treaty Duterte knew could not be invoked because the fishing boat incident did not constitute an “armed attack” under the terms of that treaty. He was being led into a trap by the Opposition to cause him embarrassment and break ties with Beijing. Only a fool like Lacson could imagine the US would come to our rescue and risk a nuclear confrontation with China over a fishing boat incident where no-one was hurt. Like Trump, Duterte applied common sense which is not common with the Opposition.

The trouble with Duterte’s critics is they think they know better than him on how to resolve a problem. It’s easy for them to criticize because they do not carry the heavy responsibilities of his office. They are irresponsible and not fit to hold public office.

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