Priest complained balikbayan box pilfered, but praying God will forgive the culprits

In a latest report from CNN Philippines, the news that the Ninoy Aquino Internation Airport is no longer in the top 10 of the worst airports in the world in 2015 was well-received by Malacanang.

But how about this? A priest from Kalibo, Aklan recently complained that one of his four balikbayan boxes was pilfered at NAIA Terminal 1 after returning from Los Angeles, California.

balikbayan box

In a telephone interview with ABS-CBN news, Fr. Jose Relente narrated that he checked-in four of his balikbayan boxes on board the Korean Air flight KE 623, from Los Angeles, USA.

Rev. Fr. Jose R. Relente of the Diocese of Kalibo, arrived on Thursday last week October 15, 2015 at the NAIA Terminal 1 at 11:30 PM.

Rev. Fr. Jose R. Relente recalled that one of his balikbayan boxes came out quite late, but since he was tired from the long haul trip, he decided to leave the airport to get some rest. He returned to the airport the following day for his connecting flight to Kalibo.

He said he noticed something was not right as soon as he arrived home in Kalibo. How? He discovered that the rope he used to secure one of the balikbayan boxes was gone. He was stunned to find the rope was inside the balikbayan box.

balikbayan box pilfered in NAIA

Credits to Fr. Jose Relente

His fears were validated when he did an inventory of the balikbayan box and found out a few bars of chocolates and soap sent by relatives were missing.

Rev. Fr. Relente said he failed to report the incident to the Korean Air management since it was already late when he discovered about the crime as he was already in the province.

The priest said he has no plans to file any formal complaint since the hassle of going back to Manila is not worth it. He added that he will pray that God will forgive the sins of the thieves.

The priest was quoted in Tagalog, “Patawarin po ng Diyos ang mga gumawa nito at sana haplusin ni Jesus ang mga puso ng mga ito upang sila ay magbago.”

Meanwhile. NAIA Terminal 1 Manager Dante Basanta said he already talked to the priest to get the necessary information.

Basanta said, he will informed the airline about the incident.

Credits to ABS-CBN News


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