Pro-Duterte blogger disses PCIJ’s probe of Duterte’s wealth: “Masyadong mahina ang bala, isip-isip ng panibago.”

Staunch PRRD supporter and social media blogger Noel Landero Sarifa’s latest FB post dissing PCIJ probe on PRRD’s wealth has gone viral.

In the Facebook post, Sarifa did a side by comparison of the increase of wealths of PRRD, Noynoy, Binay and Roxas and guess what?

Sarifa concluded that the rise of PRRD’s wealth was very slow compared that of Roxas, PNoy and Binay and yet PCIJ decided to put PRRD on the spotlight.

Sarifa joked that he would have preferred to see Duterte’s wealth rise quickly because of its merits. For example, Duterte donated his house to the House of Hope, a charitable organization. This is in contrast to other politicians whose addiction is to steal people’s money. And worse, their greed is limitless that they even pocketed the donations intended for natural disasters.

Sarifa ended the post by asking the readers to judge for themselves if Duterte’s wealth is enough pull him down?

You may read Sarifa’s full post below.

PCIJ questioning Pres. Duterte’s wealth that increased from 0.8M from 1998 to 28 Million in 2017 is not actually a big deal. Nasanay na ba tayo sa mga mas malalaking halaga kaya natin ginagawang issue ang kay Duterte? Bakit ganun lang?

Let’s see:

– Duterte: 0.93 Million in 1998 to 28.54Million in 2017

– Pnoy: 8.7 Million in 1998 to 68.7M in 2015

– Mar Roxas: 103 Million in 1998 to 202M in 2015

– Jejomar Binay: 2.5Million in 1998 to 60Million 2015

Ang Bagal nga ng pagyaman ni Duterte. Gusto ko mas mabilis kasi mas may pakinabang, just remember how he donates his house para sa House of Hope? Kesa naman sa iba na ginawa nang addiction ang pagsamsam ng pera ng taong bayan. Hindi pa nakuntento, pati mga perang abuloy sa nasalanta ng kalamidad e binulsa pa.

So kayo na manghusga, is Duterte’s wealth issue enough to be used to pull him down? Masyadong mahina ang bala, isip-isip ng panibago.

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