Pro-Duterte lawyer reveals De Lima’s legal strategy, accuses Senator’s supporters of not believing & disrespecting PH justice system?

Lawyer Ahmed Paglinawan, a Duterte supporter who does not hide his disdain for Sen. Leila de Lima and the rest of the LP politicians took a swipe, this time at the senator’s supporters.

In a Facebook post published yesterday, Paglinawan accused the supporters of de Lima of serious crimes like having no faith in our justice system and advocating disrespect for our laws.

“The actions of Leila Delima’s supporters, e.g. protesting in the streets, running to international media, appealing to international pseudo-tribunals, are clear symptoms of two things:

1. That Delima and her supporters do not believe in their own country’s legal system; in our courts’ capacity for justice; and in Delima’s own innocence.

2. That Delima and her supporters are advocating disrespect –even outward and outright defiance– of our laws.”

Otherwise, they should know that justice is only real when its is based on the rule of law.

“If she and her supporters believe justice is real, then they should inherently know that justice is only real when it is based on the rule of law.”

Not the rule of the nosy Americans.

Not the rule of ignorant idiots and America’s brown-nosers.

At this juncture, Paglinawan turned his attention to de Lima, throwing the gauntlet at the Senator by asking the question that SOJ Guevarra asked earlier about the detained Senator refusing to post bail when she could have done so.

Leila, why don’t you file a petition for bail? What’s the matter? Scared to admit certain things? Things you would rather be able to completely deny during trial?

You know bail does not prejudice anything in your defense, right?

Ooooh…. right. I get it.

Paglinawan ended the FB post by leaving netizens a picture of the detained senator’s defense strategy and had a good laugh of what he just did.


Hahahahaha. That’s a bitch, right there.

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Source: Ahmed Paglinawan

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