Producer Robby Tarroza calls ABS-CBN executives “liars”, tells bit players & supporting actors to stay neutral and shut up

Producer Robby Tarroza aka Robby Robby Robby has taken to Facebook calling ABS-CBN executives “liars” while urging artists to stop defending the network.

Tarroza remarked that after a couple of days of intense research on facts of the whole ABS-CBN issues, he would rather dwell not on issues between ABS-CBN and President Duterte but on the ABS-CBN executives. “OK so after a couple of days of intense research on FACTS of the whole abs-cbn issue against President Duterte. why i am addressing the issue between my two parties and not the re-issuance of the broadcast franchise, is because it should be known what LIARS abs-cbn executives are!”

Tarroza slammed ABS-CBN for striving on public demand which includes sympathy. Let me rephrase this. I think he meant ABS-CBN thrives in getting public sympathy. However, Tarroza find it ironic that the network did not show sympathy to talents they let go and did not care for them, their future. “1st of all, you strive on public DEMAND. which includes sympathy. But you have none in the many cases of the TALENTS you let go and cared NOTHING about their future. Many have come out recently and it is disgusting! making ME appeal to the TALENTS working under abs-cbn now, who are desperately appealing to the public to support abs-cbn. If you TALENTS are NOT RATING, would they care about YOU? how you will pay your bills? put your children to school? NO!!! pero mga executive na yan, tuloy tulloy ang mataas na sweldo nila, with benefits, buwan buwan! with retirement pa! tama? ok…. moving right along!”

At this juncture, Tarroza called ABS-CBN very, very Sharon – full of drama and fakery. “abs-cbn, how dare you claim 11k employees! how dare you! you have mastered the art of kaplastikan and kadramahan! very very sharon!”

Tarroza also raised the issue of ABS-CBN interviewing children, talking how horrible President was as a person and politician on camera. “now let’s move on to the attacks you so bravely took against President Duterte. one video you aired over and over again with children voicing how horrible President Duterte is as a person and politician! yung pagmumura nya at sa pagsabi nya na patayin ang mga criminal na dr*g dealer.”

Tarroza appealed to ABS-CBN artists to do what is right. not to be afraid because God will provide. It was not clear what he was appealing but let me guess – he is asking them to speak out against the network. “i now appeal to the artists who have been ALL OUT in support of abs-cbn. please do whats right. not vested interest acts. God knows your needs and will continue to provide. but doing what is right, is what will truly bless you. abs-cbn is very cut throat and will never side with you. trust me, i know this for a fact. kapag Wala ka na silbi, tapon ka na!”

Tarroza talked about karma. Not clear if he was addressing this to ABS-CBN executive or the artists but it sounds to me he was referring to the ABS-CBN bosses. “karma comes eventually. but always does. but when it does come, it is sometimes the worst ever!”

Tarroza was hopeful that ABS-CBN will change after this turbulent chapter of the network’s history by learning to care more about the people who made them what they are now. “i just hope this experience will allow abs-cbn to change. care more about the people that actually contribute to the making of abs-cbn. planning fall backs and future stability for all. loyalty is established when both parties establish it.”

Tarroza have mixed opinion about ABS-CBN. He wants the best for them but he wants the charade to end so that it can pick up the pieces and start the rebuild process. “i wish abs-cbn the best. but in my heart, i know this has to end. now picking up the pieces after and rebuilding will be something rather interesting to watch 😉”

Tarroza made special mention of radio host Mark Lopez who talked about the young children used in the anti-Duterte TV ads. Mark Lopez i thought of quoting you with a lot of facts. but it kept playing back in mind over and over again… yung video ng mga bata ba pinalabas ng abs-cbn laban kay Duterte!”

Tarroza also cited Franco Mabanta post in the last three years talking about the anti-Duterte ad but he said the BS presented by the Kapamilya network in the senate hearing never addressed the anti-Duterte ad. “also bro Franco Mabanta, i went through all your posts from the past 3 years. but the strongest evidence showing the BS they presented at the senate inquiry (teledrama) NEVER addressed that specific video using young children.”

And Atty. Bruce was also special mentioned but I was confused why he did it. “Atty Bruce V. Rivera, has been explicit in details of where The President should stand. And i believe every legal stand Atty feels should have taken place.”

Tarroza clarified his reaction was based on facts and that the ABS-CBN execs are liars and should be ashamed of themselves. “AGAIN, my reaction is based on FACTS! and it is a FACT, abs-cbn executives are liars and should be ashamed of themselves! Why have you guys NEVER admitted the attacks against Dutuerte using those children? aren’t those kids abs -cbn talents?”

Tarroza is convinced President Duterte should have sued ABS-CBN. “President Duterte should have sued abs-cbn! and that is a FACT!”

Tarroza ended the FB post by leaving a message to the bit players and supporting actors who are defending the network with their lives. “and to those bit and supporting actors na magpapakamatay ipagtangol ang abs-cbn, HOYYYY gaga! after your teleserye is over, so are you!!!
huwag magpagamit. stay neutral and shut up!”


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