Radio host dares Mar Roxas to prove his statement “Pinoys are far worse today than in previous admin!”

Apparently in an effort to shore up his chances for a senate slot in the 2019 election, Mar Roxas chided the Duterte government with controversial statement like, “Marami ang nagsasabi, mas mahirap ang buhay ngayon. Marami ang nagsasabi, mas nagugutom sila.”

While Roxas supporters and Duterte critics applauded Roxas for voicing out their sentiment against the Duterte government, the same cannot be said of the Duterte supporters.

Radio host and blogger Mark Lopez did not waste a second and figuratively slammed the door on Mar Roxas’ face with screenshots of news clips from international websites showing the country on a roll in terms of global competitiveness, completely opposite of what Roxas and company have been telling the public about RP’s economy.

A furious Lopez called the senator aspirant “epal”, “trapo” and “gago” for making such statement while daring the former senator to prove his statement that the people now under the Duterte government are experiencing hard times than before.

Ayan ha, inuumpisahan mo na naman ang ka epalan mo at pagkakalat ng kasinungalingan. Yang kwento mo eh parehong pareho ng narrative ni Leni Robredo, Antonio Trillanes at lahat ng dilawan na discredited na at obvious na nanggugulo lang…

I challenge you Mar Roxas, ilabas mo yang basis mo para mang epal na naman. Ilabas mo yang mga nagsasabi na yan and patunayan mo na yan ang sentimiento ng mas nakakaraming Pilipino.

Otherwise, you have just reminded us that YOU ARE THE WORST EPAL AND TRAPO EVER!


Meanwhile international commodities trader MJ Quiambao Reyes couldn’t help but tease pseudo-economist, LP critics after news report from a respected international news outfit that the country’s global competitiveness has seen dramatic leap.

In a Facebook post, MJ Quiambao Reyes called out the Duterte critics who have been spreading doom and gloom predictions on the economy on social media, in an apparent move to make President Duterte look bad before the public, to read the good news from Asian Nikkei Review despite the opposition’s incessant attacks directed at the Duterte government.

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😢 In 2010, Philippines was 85th out of 148 countries/economies in terms of global competitiveness.

(In short, kumukulelat tayo noon! Below average kumbaga.)

😊 In 2018, Philippines rose to 56th place!

(In short, uma-above average na tayo at ang laki ng pag-angat natin! Opo, despite yan ng lahat ng klaseng paninira at pananabotahe sa kasalukuyang namumuno.)

“The World Economic Forum’s latest global competitiveness list shows a positive picture in Asia, with the Philippines and India moving up the ranks.

The Global Competitiveness Report 2018, published on Wednesday, showed the Philippines rising 12 rungs from last year to 56th of a total of 140 countries and regions, based on a new methodology applied to both years.

Economic growth in the Philippines exceeded 6%, along with China, Cambodia and two other countries in Southeast Asia. The WEF also noted that the country’s safety improved over the year, with scores in indicators including organized crime, homicide rate and incidence of corruption rising. It ranked 21st in social capital.”


Buti na lang at hindi lahat ng global reports ay nababayaran at hindi rin lahat ng journalists ay nabibili. Thanks, Eri Sugiura of Nikkei, for this. 🙂

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Sources: MJ Quiambao Reyes Mark Lopez

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