Radio host to Angel Locsin: ‘To simply minimize your negligent act as merely “pasaway” is in itself criminal’

A strongly worded open letter condemning Kapamilya actress Angel Locsin for having the nerve to issue what the author called “very insensitive” & “hypocritical” statement intended for the medical frontliners circulates online.

In the open letter, radio host Mark Lopez expressed anger at the Kapamilya actress, asking Angel Locsin where did she get the courage and the thick hide to even issue such statement?

Lopez remarked that Angel Locsin appears to be guilt-stricken for being the major contributor to the misery and burden of the medical frontliners that is why she is now professing support to our health workers.

Unflattering words like “selfish”, “shameless”, “reckless behavior”, “self-indulgence”, “egotistical”, “inconsiderate”, “greedy caprice”, “negligent”, “bravado”,”criminal” and “cowardly” figuratively speaking cascaded from the tip of Lopez’s fingers to describe Angel Locsin in the open letter.

Lopez said that Ms. Colmenares aka Angel Locsin’s statement “Pasensya na kung minsan pasaway” is not enough. According to him, these words are shallow to those who got sick of the virus, became a carrier of the virus because he or she were duped by the actress irresponsible bravado. Words are cheap, it will not comfort their pain and and suffering now, needless to say the fear and trauma of their loved ones, who are also in danger now.

Lopez stated that even if Ms. Colmenares aka Angel Locsin uses all her money to help shoulder the medical expenses of those who contracted covid-19, it never be enough especially to those who will become severely incapacitated, or worse, die.

Lopez said he was only talking about the damage done by Ms. Colmenares aka Angel Locsin to the people she cajoled into joining her self-indulgent and self-preservation rally to save her job and fellow Kapamilya artists.

How about the medical frontliners whom Ms. Colmenares aka Angel Locsin also endangered and compromised their very own lives, because of her need for self-indulgence? Lopez asked.

Lopez went on to play the role of Mr. Conscience to the hilt. ‘Do you realize the magnitude of impact of your egotistical, inconsiderate, and greedy kapricho?’

Lopez said dismissing the negligent act by calling it as it as “pasaway” is in itself criminal, and a cowardly exit plan of the mess she helped fester.

Lopez wrapped up the FB post by unleashing the guilt-tripping statement for Ms. Colmenares aka Angel Locsin.

And to say that blood is in your hands is in fact, an understatement.

‘The nerve,’ Lopez said in an emphatic tone.

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