Raissa Robles’ “bastos” tweets on Santiago touches netizens raw nerve, sparks outrage on Twitter

Journalist Raissa Robles’s latest controversial tweet in the wake of Miriam Defensor’s has touched Pinoys raw nerve online and spark an outrage on Twitter.

If MDS had become President and her VP had won, Bongbong Marcos would now be President. Think about it.

If you think Raissa Robles have had enough of the bashing in response to her initial tweet, she made another tweet that fueled further the netizens anger that reads:

The netizens find Ms. Robles’ tweets insensitive, despicable, rude and inappropriate at the time when the family of Senator Santiago are in the state of mourning.

Twitter user identified as Dee Vee replied to Raissa Robles’ tweet and reprimanded the journalist for putting a political color to the senator’s death.

Patay patay na tao kukulayan mo ng pulitika.

A troll couldn’t resist and bombarded Raissa Robles with a barrage of tweets cursing her.

Raissa Robles did not take the troll’s tweet kindly and called the attention of her followers and attached the screenshot of the abusive tweets, perhaps to invite her followers to run towards her defense.

Netizen identified as Another Asian joined the bashing party against Raissa Robles.

Netizen Laudemer Beltran calls Robles ‘bastos’!

The controversy did not take long before the exchange of harsh words spills into Facebook.

Social media personality Dr. Antonio Contreras expresses his sentiment on the issue, describing Raissa Robles tweet despicable in a Facebook post that reads:

I could not fathom why Raissa would have to overshadow the death of one esteemed statesperson with her hatred towards the Marcoses, that she would tweet this. Instead of honoring the dead, she would raise this issue as if heaving a sigh of relief that Senator Miriam and Bongbong did not win.

Despicable, to say the least.

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Source: Twitter, Dr. Antonio Contreras


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