Rappler’s ‘Ozamiz mayor was staunch anti-drug advocate – relative’ article angers social media

Nobody expected this even Rappler critic Mike Acebedo Lopez, social media blogger identified Pres. Duterte was stunned Rappler would go down this low.

On Facebook, Mike called out Rappler for churning out another hypertension-inducing piece of article, insinuating Mayor Aldong Parojinog and family as another victims of trigger-happy and blood thirsty policemen.

Mike was mad that Rappler anchored the article on the words of a Parojinog relative who refused to be named.

In anger, Mike told Maria Ressa to interview someone from Ozamiz about the Parojinogs, not a relative who is biased, to lend credibility to its future news article.

Read the post below.

OMG. This is atrocious. Just as I thought, but I didn’t expect Rappler to be so brazen as to come up with such a stupid and slanted headline.
You interview a friggin’ relative who does not even want to be named? Putang ina ka, Maria Ressa! Boba! Ask people in Ozamiz not one relative who is, of course, not biased, right? Gaga! I really hate you! Pisti kang kurikongon ka! You are a disgrace to the profession of journalism!

Earlier today, I posted the following, and it’s supposedly a fearless forecast slash joke, turns out I was right on the money:
Today we’ve made considerable headway in the war against illegal drugs.

In the meantime, Maria Ressa, Pia Ranada, and the rest of Rappler are busy brainstorming, thinking of the best anti-Duterte angle to this story.

“Parojinog was a staunch anti-drug crusader and that he had been cooperating with the Duterte administration in its fight against the drug trade in the country,” Rappler wrote.

The female relative told Rappler that Mayor Parojinog did not spare even his kins.

“It [didn’t] matter if you [were] his relative. If he found out you [were] using or selling shabu, you [would] get a mouthful from him.” [Rappler]

Let us read the comments in the Mike’s thread to see how the netizens react.

Jingkee Blanco remarked: “Maria Ressa is so sickening. Just to drag down the current admin, she would go down this low! Is there any decency left of this animal?”

Jonathan Castillo wrote: “It is common for those involved in criminal activities to get involved in govt agencies created for the purpose let’s say elimination of drugs. This is to project the opposite image so as to cover the tracts of the illegal activities. Nothing new here. What the relative said about the parajinogs is precisely to give the word exactly what the opposite is.”

Ro-Ces Quinto Collantes found Rappler’s attempt to portray the Parojinogs as victims of blood thirsty policemen funny. “hahaha, i doubt there really was a kin who’d want 2 b interviewed…hellooo, who’d want 2 b in this kind of shithole, kin or not.”

Belen Layugan asked fellow commenters: “Papaano naging journalist iyang si Maria Ressa. noong hindi pa tumatakbong presidente si tatay digong puro showbiz ang alam ng rappler na iyan. Tapos may nag Alok na politico para mag write-up sa kalaban ..presto million agad kinita niya kay Trillanes at De Lima..tang ina walang panama ang mga artista diyan sa kinikita mo Maria Ressa…”

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