Read: BPI says Duterte’s account history ever had 211 million in its transaction history

The verdict is out!  BPI says that Duterte’s account history ever had 211 million in its transaction history.

Trillanes Affidavit

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The much awaited showdown between Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and the lawyer representing Mayor Rodrigo Duterte at the BPI  Julia Vargas branch turned out to be a dud if you ask the Duterte supporters.

Based on the interview of Atty. Panelo with reporters from various TV networks, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s controversial bank account according to the BPI officials never had 211 million in transaction history – singularly, accumulatively or collectively.

Upon hearing the news straight from the horse’s mouth, Atty. Panelo made a request to the BPI officials to issue a certification of what they just told him.

The bank asked Atty. Panelo to give them 7 days to study the request which the lawyer granted without hesitation.

The lawyer of Duterte remarked that it is a standard operating procedure among banks. Whether we like it or not, that’s how the bank works.

Meanwhile, Senator Trillanes taunted Mayor Duterte and called him a “coward” for refusing to sign the waiver, which would pave the way for the opening of the said controversial bank account that contain the alleged 211 million pesos.

Senator Trillanes told the media that he came with the requested “sworn affidavit” as a pre-condition for the waiver from Mayor Duterte but the latter refuses to honor his word.

Atty. Panelo disagreed with the Senator because he arrived at the bank armed with the Special Power of Attorney, which he gave to the BPI officials authorizing them to open the transaction history of Mayor Duterte’s controversial bank account.

Here’s the verdict from Atty. Panelo upon scrutinizing the sworn affidavit submitted by Senator Trillanes – its BOGUS. Here’s why!

First, the individual mentioned in Senator Trillanes affidavit (JOSEPH DE MESA) is not verified. No address provided, thus making him suspicious.

Second, the informant (JOSEPH DE MESA) came to meet Senator Traillanes and told the senator what he knew based on what his friend told him. Netizens call it hearsay.

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