Read: Informant bares drug personality connected with Espinosas killed earlier inside Baybay City Jail

This is alarming!

Before Mayor Espinosa, there was another drug personality killed inside the Baybay City Jail on October 29, 2016, an informant from Baybay said.

The drug personality is identified as Fernando Balagbis alias Intoy and Uncle. He was arrested on January 29 in a drug buy-bust in the same city.

Intoy also known as Uncle was a known underling of a local politician named in the affidavit of Mayor Espinosa of Albuera Leyte according to the informant.

According to GMA News, “members of the Regional Anti-Illegal Drug Special Operations Task Group of the Eastern Visayas police raided the detention cell of Balagbis due to information that he was pushing drugs inside the Baybay City jail.”

Does the script rings a bell?

The informant said, the operatives entered the Baybay City Jail to serve the search warrant to Intoy.

Can you guess what time? Yes, 4 A.M..

The operatives from the CIDG (Regional Anti-Illegal Drug Special Operations Task Group of the Eastern Visayas) claimed that Intoy opened fire at the approaching police operatives, forcing them retaliate as per GMA News report.

When the smoke of the shootout cleared, Intoy was killed.

No CCTV footage was made public, the informant said.

But the local people heard a  different version of the story, the informant claimed.

Story has it that Intoy tried to grab the gun of one of the operatives, hence he was killed.

According to the informant, Intoy and the Espinosas were connected in the illegal drug trade since February of 2016.

He said Mayor Espinosa was detained at the Baybay City Jail because he feared for his life in Albuera.

He found it incredulous for Mayor Espinosa to engage the police operatives in a gun battle.

He said Mayor Espinosa and Intoy were not fools to engage the police operatives in a gun fight in an uneven terms.

According to GMA News, police operatives seized a .45 Colt pistol and several sachets of shabu from the inmates’ cell.

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