Read: La Salle prof shares intriguing insight on Kris Aquino’s rant against Korina Sanchez

It’s all over social media – Kris Aquino went beast mode against Korina Sanchez after Mar’s wife featured James Yap on Rated K.

If you’d recall, Kris just blew her top after estranged husband, James Yap could only manage to greet their son Bimby on his birthday on Instagram and not in person. [Link here]

Watching estranged husband, James Yap on Korina Sanchez’s Rated K triggered Kris Aquino to explode on Instagram against Mar Roxas’ wife. Check out the screen shot below Kris Aquino’s Instagram post.


Being the “queen of all media” that she was, whatever Kris Aquino says on social media, everybody pays attention.

And everybody is talking about Kris Aquino and Korina Sanchez on all social media platforms.

While Kris Aquino’s followers were loving her Instagram antics, critics took the news with a grain of salt, calling it as Kris’ way of staying relevant and making a buzz for her comeback in ABS-CBN.

When everybody thinks that Kris Aquino’s rant against Korina Sanchez as a mere publicity stunt to make a noise for her ABS-CBN comeback, this professor thinks political motivation was the motor behind it all.

According to him, Kris Aquino is simply acting as the Aquino’s emissary to reach out to President Duterte.

Ybiernas said the Aquino’s are savvy politicians and they are always chummy-chummy with whoever is in Malacanang to save their skins. Check out the full post below to understand Ybiernas drive.

On Kris Aquino’s convoluted rant against Korina for saying good things about James Yap so she eventually praises Duterte (ang gulo ano?):

I don’t buy her bullshit!

The Aquinos are —in spite of their pa-tweetums, wala-kaming-alam-sa-nangyayaring-kasamaan-sa-mundo ekek— savvy politicians. In 2016, Noynoy and Kris campaigned for Mar but the other sisters still befriended former ally-turned Noynoy critic then-VP Jojo Binay.

What does this mean? The Aquinos know how to hedge their bets. They bet on everybody, well except the Marcoses.

But then again, I am old enough to remember Kris Aquino the budding tv host cooing with Bongbong Marcos on tv. This was about 20 or so years ago. Mommy Cory was supposedly very disappointed in what Krissy did.

Yes, back to my point. The Aquinos try to cover all the bases. To save their skin. So they’re friends with ALL of the presidents after Cory: Ramos of course, even Erap, they were close to GMA until they got pissed that the Supreme Court ordered the distribution of land in Hacienda Luisita.

When you really look at their history ang track record, they are trapo to the hilt.

Never pa naging oposisyon ang mga Aquino. They’re always administration. They’re always chummy-chummy with whoever is in Malacanang.

This is their way of reaching out to PRRD.

And Kris always seems to be the right emissary. Of course! Because she has no reputation to protect, Kris can be the political butterfly in the family.

Kris is the real Aquino hero. She is the one willing to sacrifice herself for the family…

Your thoughts?

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